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The acquisition is significant for Fifosys, as it’s the third they have made in the last five years – and their second outside of London after buying Enforce Technology in 2021. The takeover aims to further enhance the founder-led company’s market presence across the UK, particularly in southeast England.  

The acquisition brings the combined talent at Fifosys to over 100 staff, and existing TMB clients should expect business as usual with no interruptions as the TMB and Fifosys teams begin working in tandem.

With the increased demand for co-managed and cyber safety services, Fifosys is excited about the opportunities that the acquisition of TMB brings and looks forward to leveraging the combined expertise of both companies to provide enhanced IT solutions and services to clients.

Mitesh Patel, founder and Managing Director at Fifosys, said: “We’re delighted to welcome TMB into the Fifosys family. With over 30 years of experience, we believe this is our perfect next step, and we can’t wait to get going.  

“TMB is a profit-making business with a proven track record in areas such as managed services, disaster recovery, and software development, whilst the Pegasus support option provides us with something we didn’t have at Fifosys before this acquisition.

“I would like to take the time to personally thank Tina Verney and Richard Shuker for their hard work over the last six months as we’ve worked on the logistics of this takeover, and we look forward to merging TMB’s expertise with that of our already strong team at Fifosys.

“We believe that if you stand still in this industry, you get left behind. With that in mind, we’re excited to help further empower our clients with our shared expertise and solutions and ensure they keep pace with the ever-increasing opportunities available.

“To us, we classify a client as someone who is under our protection, and we’re excited to welcome TMB and their network into the Fifosys group. 

We aim to enhance our cyber safety and co-managed services further, working closely with internal IT teams across the UK to take our service to the next level”. 

TMB’s Tina Verney, Managing Director, and Richard Shuker, Technical Director, say: “We are excited to join forces with Fifosys, a company that shares our values and culture. After considering a shortlist of six potential acquirers, we chose Fifosys because of the great fit between our people and cultures. 

“We believe that this acquisition will benefit both our staff and customers as we work together to provide enhanced IT solutions and services. Having met the senior management team at Fifosys, we feel confident that we made the right decision and are excited for the future of our combined companies.”

Fifosys is a leading IT services provider that frequently ranks in the top 10 managed service providers in EMEA. Founded in 2001, Fifosys is a significant IT partner for SMEs and mid-market in various sectors to ensure they can optimise their technology infrastructure.

Fifosys has consecutively maintained the ISO 27001 yearly since 2013, building extensive experience and an excellent reputation with over 100 customers. 

Fifosys focuses on de-risking businesses, keeping them secure and helping them reach their full potential.

TMB Group has provided companies professional IT support and services for over 30 years. During that time, TMB worked with several organisations nationwide, with over 300 customers.

TMB are also one of the nation’s leading suppliers of Pegasus Software solutions, such as Opera 3, Opera 3 SQL SE, XRL and Capital Gold, aiming to offer reliability, speed and robust cyber security – and friendly, approachable support.