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“I am very excited. Today exceeded our expectations, even more so because we are confident that we are heading in the right direction, and these guys are going to be excellent drivers,” said Buggyra Academy mentor David Vršecký.David was the one who took these promising pilots under his wing. “Mikeš and Nedoma had their first runs in GT4, and they both handled it perfectly. They didn’t encounter a single problem,” stated the two-time FIA ETRC champion.He initially took the youngsters for a ride in the Mercedes as passengers, showing them the racetrack and demonstrating the capabilities of the GT4 car at Most. This was followed by data analysis and their first independent drive.

“To begin with, the boys had to acclimate to the new car, to get a feel for it, understand the grip, and how the tires work. It’s quite different from a go-kart, and for some of them, it was their first experience on the circuit. After evaluating the data, they can continue to progress. The academy is works great,” commented David.

So, how did the young drivers themselves feel about driving the Mercedes-AMG GT4?

“I was a bit nervous before my first run in GT4, but once I got behind the wheel, I felt like I was in heaven. It’s an incredible feeling to drive such an amazing car, and I’m very grateful to the Buggyra Academy for this fantastic experience. It was a lot of fun,” said Filip Nedoma.

“It’s a whole different experience compared to a go-kart, and I was nervous before my first run. However, this car is simply fantastic, and I thoroughly enjoyed it,” added Míra Mikeš.
Michael Hlaváček was also enthusiastic: “It was wonderful. I was pleasantly surprised by how fast the car is. I really liked it.”

The event wasn’t just for the drivers; young race engineers also had the opportunity to gain experience, with Yasmeen Koloc’s guidance, who already had considerable experience in this role from her time with the Buggyra ZM Racing team.

“It was a day dedicated to the young generation, which we are trying to nurture and guide from the very beginning to the highest level in motorsport,” David Vršecký concluded at the end of this successful test day.