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Introducing Squid.biz: A Revolutionary Fund-Sharing Application Powered by Smart Contracts.


We are proud to announce the launch of Squid.biz, a revolutionary new smart contract-powered decentralized application (dApp), designed to enable individuals that are collaborating together, to securely split funds between themselves. Squid.biz is designed to take the headache out of sharing proceeds for work carried out as part of a dispersed team. Users create a simple payment mechanism, known as a ‘Squid’, which is captured on the blockchain, and then on completion of the work, it automatically and transparently distributes funds to those party to it. 


Squids are a ‘bleeding-edge’ solution created by entrepreneurial startup; Dream Kollab. They have leveraged blockchain technology to create a secure and immutable contract that can be trusted by all of the individuals involved in completion of the work. With Squid, users can easily create a smart contract that automatically splits funds equally among any number of parties, ensuring that everyone gets their fair share for the work they’ve done.


Squid.biz is incredibly user-friendly, quick to set up and straightforward to use. Users simply enter the details of the contract, including each participant’s wallet address and how many shares they are entitled to. The smart contract is then automatically created and deployed on the blockchain, where it is securely and immutably recorded ready for payment and withdrawal. All of this can be achieved in minutes rather than spending weeks and thousands of dollars on payroll and legal institutions. 


Squid.biz is the perfect solution for anyone looking to split funds fairly and securely with people that they are working with. Whether you’re an individual looking to manage your expenses, a company requiring a payment solution or an entrepreneur looking to distribute profits among stakeholders, Squid makes it easy to create a smart contract that ensures everyone gets what they’re owed.


“We’re thrilled to be launching Squid and believe it has the potential to revolutionize the way people approach collaboration across the globe,” said Paul Clarke; Founder and CEO of Squid. “We’re confident that Squid.biz will provide a simple and secure solution to a problem that many freelancers face on a regular basis.”


To get started with your first Squid, please visit https://squid.biz