Fobi Launches Tap2Win, A New Solution for Retail Giveaway & Sweepstakes Programs

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Tap2Win significantly improves the customer experience for retail giveaways and drives improved customer acquisition and engagement for retailers and brands…


Fobi AI Inc. (FOBI: TSXV FOBIF: OTCQB) (the “Company” or “FOBI”), a leader in providing real-time data analytics through artificial intelligence to drive operational efficiencies and profitability, today announced the launch of their new Tap2Win Retail Giveaway solution which makes giveaways easier and more fun for users and more effective for customer acquisition for retailers and brands.  Tap2Win utilizes Fobi’s Wallet Pass platform and SmartTap devices to digitize and improve the current giveaway solutions.




Tap2Win is a digital wallet pass and NFC device-based replacement for the antiquated bucket and notepad at a retail location, where customers fill in their information and put the piece of paper in the bucket to enter to win a giveaway from the retailer or from a brand trying to promote their product.  The current process is not efficient and is a terrible user experience.  With Tap2Win, instead of laboriously filling out multiple pieces of paper to enter various giveaways, customers can now just tap their mobile phone on the Fobi SmartTap device, and they are quickly and easily entered into the giveaway.  Customers can use the same Tap2Win wallet pass to enter across all participating Tap2Win retailers and brands.  And customers can also gain more entries to the giveaways by making a purchase or even by entering online, making it an omnichannel promotion platform. 




Traditional giveaway programs have been around for many years, however there are significant issues with them.  For many of the programs, because the customer information is captured in a paper-based analog fashion, the data often never actually makes it to the retailer or the brand to augment their CRM or to use in their marketing campaigns.  If the customer data is not accessible or usable, it makes the giveaway programs not just useless, but an actual waste of money.  All retailers are looking to turn unknown customers into known customers so that they can remarket to them and increase the recency and frequency of visits, as well as increase the size of the transactions.  For brands, with third-party data systems such as cookies going away, they are looking to form more direct connections with their customers and begin to build out their own first-party data platforms.  Tap2Win makes all of this a reality with all of the data being immediately available and usable for both retailers and brands. 


“Tap2Win is a complete game changer for the retail giveaway market.  Fobi has always been a data-first company, and this is another step in that direction to enable retailers and brands to utilize their customer data to drive more business.  It is also a big part of our drive to increase the total amount of aggregated data that we manage through the Fobi Data Exchange (FDX) which also increases the monetization opportunities.”, said Rob Anson, Fobi CEO.  


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