Fobi Launches Passcreator Integration with Streamboxy, European Software Company Servicing Tier 1 Clients, to Deliver New Hybrid Event Management Product

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Expands Fobi’s CheckPoint Conference & Event Management product portfolio to include Hybrid (on site and remote) events, and provides Fobi access to Streamboxy’s Tier 1 European Customers…


Fobi AI Inc. (FOBI: TSXV FOBIF: OTCQB) (the “Company” or “FOBI”), a leader in providing real-time data analytics through artificial intelligence to drive operational efficiencies and profitability, today announced the launch of the new Passcreator integration with Streamboxy to deliver Hybrid conferences and events that support both on-site and remote attendees through the use of Passcreator Wallet passes.  Streamboxy is a European event platform that offers individual and flexible online and hybrid events to Tier 1 companies in the auto, electronics and other industries.  All clients of Streamboxy will be able to issue Passcreator Wallet passes to all attendees of their on-site, Hybrid and Remote events.  Fobi will generate revenue from the affiliate marketing platform by reselling the Streamboxy Hybrid Event solution, and from licensing fees for the Wallet passes that are distributed by Streamboxy clients via the integration. 




Coming out of the pandemic where virtual events became the norm, many events and conferences have returned to in person events, however hybrid events, which enable on-site attendees and remote attendees to attend an event and seamlessly interact, continue to take off in popularity as they support the best of both worlds.  According to EventMB´s research, 63 percent of event professionals see their events becoming hybrid in the future.  By adding the ability to support hybrid events to Fobi’s Checkpoint Conference & Event solution Fobi can support a wider range of events and service even more customers in the conference and event space.




Founded in 2020, Streamboxy already supports a number of high-profile companies with their services such as BMW, VW and Panasonic.  This recognition of the quality of their services by Tier 1 companies such as this speaks volumes about their positioning in the European market.  With the integration with Passcreator finished and the agreement with Fobi now in place, they are turning their sights to conquer North America as well.  Streamboxy and Fobi will continue to expand their business with their existing European clients, but at the same time take this joint Hybrid Event solution to market in North America to service the large enterprise customers who are more likely to hold Hybrid events.  A recent statistic from markletic shows that 71% of enterprises with 5000+ employees have hybrid events in their event portfolios.


We are very excited to partner and integrate with Passcreator by Fobi for Hybrid events with their Wallet pass platform. Their platform gives us the ability to tailor our onsite communication more to the attendees’ needs. Thanks to the integration, we can send location and time-based push notifications and make the onsite registration more seamless to create unforgettable events. We are glad to have found a partner with whom we can bring hybrid events to the next level,” said Johannes Stock, Director of Streamboxy


“We are seeing increased interest in the market for our Wallet Pass based CheckPoint solution for conferences and events.  The ability to support Hybrid events will be key for tackling the Enterprise market in this space.  Once again, we’re partnering to quickly deliver functionality to the market that our customers are asking for and that enables us to expand our coverage and market share, especially in Europe”, said Rob Anson, Fobi CEO.  


To learn more about the Passcreator by Fobi & Streamboxy integration visit the Fobi website here.


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STREAMBOXY’s mission is to make events easier for everyone. Attendees, marketing, IT, security, and data protection value the secure and flexible event platform as a solid foundation for outstanding individual events. The product was launched in 2020 and wants to enable companies to build sustainable relationships online and onsite.


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