TikTok Star Old House Adam Moving Historic Farmhouse 5 Miles to New Home

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With his wife Jessica, Adam Miller restores old homes and documents the process on TikTok for his millions of followers.


Adam Miller, known to his 1.8 million TikTok followers as OldHouseAdam, has spent more than a decade saving and restoring historic homes in Concord, North Carolina. The U.S. Marine Corps veteran and his wife Jessica have spent at least two years renovating Jessica’s childhood home for their family, and now they’ve taken on another personal project. 


Adam recently purchased a historic farmhouse slated for demolition, and he’ll soon be dismantling and moving it five miles to be a new home for his sister-in-law. As with all other projects, he will document the entire move on TikTok.


The Millers are artists, and each home remodel becomes a creative outlet for them. Jessica handles the interior design, while Adam is the muscle that brings her ideas to life. In addition, they have a warehouse of old furniture and antiques that inspire and furnish their houses. Together, they’re ensuringhomes built over a hundred years ago will be around for a hundred more. 


“We’ve watched homes that should have been restored be torn down,” Adam said. “We want to do our part to make sure that doesn’t happen.”


The farmhouse is one of Concord’s original homes, and the town grew up around it. The home was set to be demolished so developers could build apartments on the site. However, theproperty was notable for a few reasons — Adam’s best friend grew up in the house, and it’s his sister-in-law’s dream home. 


Adam paid $4,000 for the house. It will cost about $100,000 to move and another $150,000 to renovate. The house will be cut into four sections to be moved to its new site, a three-acre clearing in the country.


The Millers fund their preservation projects through partnerships with brands on TikTok. HGTV may have fueled the trend of restoring historic homes, but its roots lay in people like Jessica and Adam Miller. They aren’t just saving homes; they’re creating warm and inviting spaces where families will make a lifetime of memories.


“We get to be just a small little piece of that puzzle,” Jessica said. “We’re scooting it along to its future.” 




Adam Miller will document his latest challenge — moving a historic farmhouse five miles down the road to be rebuilt and refurbished — on TikTok. Followers can watch the progress, ask questions, and learn how they can help save the historic homes in their towns.