ROYA appoints Johan Lindeberg as Creative Director of the ROYA Edition NFT marketplace and community. With his experience building international creative brands and communities, Lindeberg joins ROYA in their shared mission to support artists and free thinkers in creative expression through a platform that goes beyond borders. Lindeberg joins ROYA to help build that global platform.


Lindeberg says, “The mission is personal to me. I know how hard it is to be creative and to feel blocked by constraints around you. I am really looking forward to support creatives via the ROYA platform. Web 3 is the ultimate democratic world, with the true power of creativity beyond borders. And NFTs reflect a spirit of solidarity: for the people by people. For me, it was a liberating discovery. I really appreciate the values behind ROYA.”


ROYA CEO, Mahiar Afrooz says, “Johan Lindeberg is a legend that has created three brands with a contrarian creative vision. You can backtrack Johan’s journey three decades and you can see that he has always been fighting for creative freedom. That’s the purpose of ROYA. It’s a platform that supports artists and free thinkers. Johan is a natural ambassador for web 3 and I’m thrilled to have him part of the ROYA community.”


Lindeberg continues, “Mahiar is an innovative CEO who not only understands creativity, but want to unleash creativity. It’s a rare combination and I’m grateful to have found him. I’m excited to join Mahair and the ROYA team in the ambition to empower and uplift the creative voice beyond borders. I see ROYA as a platform for free expression.”


He says, “During the last 30 years as a brand builder, I’ve had contrarian ideas and created brands around those ideas. I found community in each of these creative expressions, but often and ultimately, I felt limited and blocked by corporate constraints on my creative expression. A good brand is an idea, a world made through creative expression. And to create a world in the Metaverse can enable, inspire and support a new creative freedom for all forms of expression.”


“Roya Edition is a marketplace for everyone who is curious about the possibilities with web3. We want to help democratize culture and challenge other platforms by giving back as much as possible to the artists, performers and collectors”, said founder Mikael Afrooz. “In addition, we also help companies to establish and position themselves in web3.”


Founders are brothers Mikael and Mahiar Afrooz, who are also venture capitalists with their own investment company Syncapital. Mahiar has a long experience of working with Blockchain after investing in various blockchain companies in the Middle East since 2012 and Mikael is an interior designer and designer.


“Blockchain technology is the best thing that has happened in technology and contributes to making the world more democratic”, said founder Mahiar Afrooz. “We have created a progressive platform and want to be a player that leads, improves and contributes to the development of blockchain technology going forward. Our vision is to be involved and steer development towards a smarter and more sustainable direction, which benefits everyone”