Fobi Wins Joint Environmental Contract For District of Muskoka To Deliver AI Powered Data Solution Analyzing And Tracking Long Term Water Flow & Climate Change Impacts On Watershed


Fobi AI Inc. (FOBI:TSXV) (FOBIF:OTCQB) (the “Company” or “Fobi”), a leading data intelligence company using artificial intelligence to help clients turn real-time data into actionable insights and personalized customer engagement is pleased to announce a data consulting deal to facilitate long-term tracking of land use and natural capital changes in the Muskoka watershed for the District of Muskoka, in cooperation with Dougan & Associates (“Dougan”).


Successful RFP Award In Partnership With Dougan & Associates Ecological Consulting To Deliver Data Services To District Of Muskoka To Facilitate Long-Term Tracking Of Land Use And Natural Capital Changes In Muskoka Watershed. Funding For The Project Provided By The Government Of Ontario.


Funding for this project is provided by the Government of Ontario.




Dougan & Associates is one of the oldest and most respected environmental consultants in Canada and has completed a very long list of successful projects with regional governmental organizations at multiple levels of government. With all levels of government looking to utilize new technologies that leverage data to better characterize, protect, and manage natural assets and better serve their constituents, the firm believes Fobi AI capabilities provide a framework for further such government contract success in the future. 


Steven Hill, Director at Dougan & Associates stated, “The joint bid with Fobi, and Fobi’s Data and Ai capabilities definitely gave us a competitive differentiation – incorporating an Ai-based approach into various data workflows is one of the reasons we won the bid.  Working with Fobi’s technical team on data integration has been amazing.  Their ability to work with our domain experts to stitch together disparate data silos is impressive, and is building tremendous value to layer in Ai on top of that to enable actual utilization of the data for planning.  This data framework we are building has applications not just for regional and local governments, but for other opportunities as well.”


Fobi CEO Rob Anson stated, “Over the last few months I have been invited to speak at various tech and government resource and planning events.  This successful RFP award in partnership with Dougan & Associates for the District of Muskoka as subject matter experts for AI & Data consultation is very important. This project positions us well and increases our success for other similar municipal and regional government RFP (Request for Proposal) opportunities.”


Moving forward, Dougan & Associates and Fobi will be jointly marketing these new capabilities to civic, regional and provincial governments, as well as to other target verticals currently being investigated.  Digital transformation to connect disparate data sources is a common need both in government and corporations.




With its extensive natural areas and numerous lakes and waterways, Muskoka is rich in natural capital – the soils, forests, grasslands, wetlands – which is vital to its economy and the quality of lives. Effective management can sustain that capital to the maximum extent possible while permitting the development required to house its population and sustain its economy.


This natural capital plays a role in determining the flow of water into streams, rivers and lakes. However, Muskoka lacked a detailed understanding of how natural capital affects flow from place to place across its watershed, as well as, how climate change may modify these regulating processes.


Dougan & Associates was bidding on this large project for the District of Muskoka that requires bringing together multiple unstructured data sources to create a comprehensive understanding of environmental conditions in the Muskoka River Watershed.


Realizing that key requirements related to data workflows focused on building AI models as part of the project scope were outside of their domain of expertise, Dougan reached out to Fobi in recognition of the fact they are one of the leaders in AI driven data analytics in Canada.  Specifically, Dougan required Fobi’s leading abilities to pull together complicated, siloed data sets and leveraging insights using AI as a critical asset to the successful RFP award.


Funding for this project is provided by the Government of Ontario as part of the Muskoka Watershed Conservation and Management Initiative.


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Dougan & Associates is an incorporated ecological consulting & design firm based in southern Ontario that has been providing services in terrestrial biology, ecological assessment, and landscape architecture to the public and private sectors since 1981. Our science-based approach and use of innovative techniques allows us to balance the needs of our clients with the conservation and restoration of natural resources throughout the life cycle of every project.


Fobi is a cutting-edge data intelligence company that helps our clients turn real-time data into actionable insights and personalized customer engagement to generate increased profits. Fobi’s unique IoT device has the ability to integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructure to enable data connectivity across online and on-premise platforms creating highly scalable solutions for our global clients. Fobi partners with some of the largest companies in the world to deliver best-in-class solutions and operates globally in the retail, telecom, sports & entertainment, casino gaming, and hospitality & tourism industries.