LamontCo Announces Nicole Steed as Vice President, Marketing

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Nicole Steed, of Lamont Associates, is promoted to Vice President of Marketing to continue to lead efforts on behalf of Lamont Associates, LiveCon, and CSRconnections…




LamontCo announces the promotion of Nicole Steed to Vice President, Marketing.  Nicole will continue to serve as a leader and mentor to Lamont Associates, in addition to her social media and outreach efforts on behalf of LamontCo.  With the company for over two years, Nicole now expands her role to oversee, expand, and manage the marketing efforts of all LamontCo divisions.  Nicole is a top performing associate, maintaining a robust client base while also serving as the social media specialist for the company.


“Nicole has a passion to help our entire team to succeed while ensuring all of our customers and partners achieve their goals.  Her communications during the pandemic have been recognized within the industry as uplifting and encouraging during an extremely challenging time.  We are so pleased to have her step into this role.” Tim Lamont, CEO LamontCo. 


Under Nicole’s leadership, LamontCo has initiated two industry newsletters which have taken off in readership: one for the buyer side of the industry (CustomerConnect) and one for the supplier side of the industry (PartnerConnect). Additionally, she and her team have produced marketing collateral and support documents to help customers and associates alike navigate through the ever-changing landscape of the hospitality industry during this pandemic.  Her style perfectly reflects that of LamontCo – provide valuable insights and information to benefit the industry, while encouraging growth in new relationships and partnerships for the company.


LamontCo is a Hospitality Solutions Company, focused on supporting customers and partners to accomplish their goals in the Meeting, Event, and Travel industry. With a vast network of experienced associates and strategic partners, LamontCo is dedicated to offering comprehensive, customized hospitality solutions, transparent communication, and consistent commitment to social responsibility by integrating CSR into their events. 


LamontCo LLC is made up of the following trading divisions: Lamont Associates (Venue Site Selection, Contracting); LiveCon (Meeting Planning, Production, Registration/Housing); CSRconnections (Social Responsibility); LamontEvents (Industry Focused Educational Events); Lamont Complete Meetings Capabilities (Tailored Support for Clients); PartnerConnect (Industry Partnerships); Lamont Cruises; Lamont Consulting (Providing short/long term professional resources to clients, partners, and other third parties);  and Lamont Simple Meetings (Strategic Meetings Concept for smaller meetings).