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The European’s Climate Change Review


The World not only has been confronted with the pandemic but has also sharpened its focus on the existential threat of climate change.


In this timely supplement of The European, a panel of experts explore the world of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) – a corporate rating that helps firms gauge their social and environmental impact. By defining a clear strategy in this regard, companies can engage with investors and the wider community – communicating a purpose beyond the bottom line. ESG serves as a benchmarking process in an era that understands the importance of businesses having a positive, wider impact.


The need for greater sustainability is being felt across all industries; regulatory bodies, and governments with their own commitments, and an increasingly climate-conscious public are demanding change more than ever before.


The Climate Change Review is a bi-monthly global ESG and Sustainability publication, intended to inform, educate, promote best practice, and put these market changes into context. It covers a broad spectrum of global concerns around ESG, including Sustainable Development, Clean Tech, Renewable Energy, Sustainable finance, Trade Credit Management, Supply Chain management and Real Estate.


Published by Chase-Publishing Ltd in London, it is available in hard copy, digital format and is accessible at various trade fairs around the world. The publication has a syndicated news partnership with Thomson Reuters.


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