Interview with Josephine Bush, Strategic Advisor to Guernsey Finance

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Guernsey Finance is a joint industry and government initiative established to promote Guernsey’s financial services sector internationally, under the brand WE ARE GUERNSEY.




The agency conducts marketing, communications and business development on behalf of its members from Guernsey and overseas, with representatives also employed in key markets globally.


We believe that Guernsey is better connected than its competitors. Financial services firms in Guernsey are closely connected both physically and personally. Guernsey is the closest global finance centre to London, with which it enjoys a collaborative relationship.


We have a growing understanding of doing business in emerging markets and Guernsey Finance has representatives in our key markets globally, including Hong Kong and South Africa.


It is our mission to use Guernsey’s connections for the benefit of our members and the community as a whole.


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