Fidectus announces successful launch of their Ecosystem

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Fidectus announces its exceptionally successful launch of their partner ecosystem. More than a dozen trading, settlement and accounting system vendors have already joined.


Among others these include ION´s AllegroOpenlink and TriplePoint, as well as AmphoraContigoCTRM CubedMoleculeNavitasoftPrevise Systems or SDK. Their native integration creates a ubiquitous reach of Fidectus’ Global Energy Network (GEN), speeds up rollout and increases adoption of Fidectus’ new post trading services across the entire industry. More than six business and consulting partners support client onboarding and help to address trading companies’ changing needs.


Ecosystem customers can now take advantage of next-generation post trading workflows in energy trading by a few clicks. That means that trading companies enjoy Fidectus’ cloud services without IT resources required to integrate. Literally no operational risks remain for trading companies while GEN supports open standards as EFET’s interoperable eCM and eSM.


With the new partnerships in place, Fidectus’ settlement service works for almost all European VAT regimes. Fidectus’ confirmation service works for all European regulations. Trading companies can finally replace their multiple paper- and pdf-driven processes with literally one unified process seamlessly integrating into their daily solutions. Even special cases which are not yet digitally accessible or have not yet adopted any standard can be processed automatically.


Fidectus AG (Fidectus SA) (Fidectus Ltd) is a Swiss-based company revolutionizing post-trade processing for the over-the-counter energy and commodity markets. Our Global Energy Network (GEN) connects market participants and enables them to significantly reduce cost, risk, and optimize liquidity through intelligent tools for reporting, confirmation, settlement, netting, financing, and payment. Clients can now better manage their working capital. They can reduce their credit risk and improve their operating profitability putting them at a competitive advantage.