New technology inhaler “Suisonia” from Japan, gifted to 1st place candidate figure skater in upcoming Beijing Olympics

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Suisonia, a novel hydrogen inhaler with unconventional technology that generates “active form of hydrogen”, has been gifted to Russian skater Alexandra Trusova. Suisonia is a highly anticipated medical device from Japan, known to support athletes for performance and care after training.


Previously, Suisonia was introduced to another olympic skater from Russia, Evgenia Medvedeva. Trusova then showed interest to Suisonia wanting to try one. After the manufacturer Suisonia Co., Ltd JAPAN underwent internal discussion, they decided to gift one unit for her.


“I always wanted to always support serious sports athletes like her”, said the President & CEO of Suisonia Co., Ltd, Katsuyuki Hashimoto,


Suisonia is a new medical device researched, developed and manufactured by Suisonia Co., Ltd from Japan. The product name Suisonia means pioneer of hydrogen.


Unlike most other hydrogen inhaler, Suisonia does not use electrolysis to generate hydrogen, but an originally invented technology named “Superheated Steam Reduction”, that uses heat and originally developed cartridge to generate hydrogen gas from distilled water.


The active form of hydrogen generated by Suisonia has the characteristic of having greater reducing power when compared with electrolysis generated hydrogen gas. This was confirmed from the experiment comparing oxidization reduction potential (ORP). Thus it is anticipated to have greater benefit for human health, leading to more new researches in Japan and in other countries.


■ Alexandra Trusova, a Beijing Olympic Gold Medal Candidate


Trusova was born in 2004 and currently 17 years old. Trusova is the first skater who ever succeeded in three types of quadruple jumps in an official competition, and set a world record. Trusova took 3rd place in Stockholm world championships. Despite there are so many great skaters from Russia, Trusova is viewed as a candidate for gold medalist in the upcoming winter olympics in Beijing.


Video of the event:


■ Comment by Trusova


“Thank you very much for gifting Suisonia. Currently I’m using it for one hour every evening. Since I learnt that using Suisonia before and after training will help increase performance while help recovering muscles after workout, I would like to use it more often. When I noticed my blood capillary flow before and after using Suisonia, I was surprised with a huge change in the speed of blood flow in just a matter of few minutes of inhalation. I’m having a competition on 2021 for World Championships and Grand Prix Final in Japan. I hope if I could meet people from Suisonia team”


Suisonia Co., Ltd (Previously: Earth Engineering Co., Ltd) was established in 1978 as a manufacturer of industrial robots.


2013: Current CEO Katsuyuki Hashimoto who was already interested with hydrogen therapy, found a breakthrough hydrogen generator technology that is completely different from common “Electrolysis Method”.


2019: The company officially obtained medical device manufacture/sales certificate.


2020: CEO always had a goal to “increase health zone across the world”. With this in mind, the company was officially renamed to “Suisonia Co., Ltd”.


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