Athena Wisdom Institute: Consciousness Revolution at Work

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As the world rapidly changes, the future continues to be molded by leaders, workers, and individuals who all aspire to live better. Although we are all trying to put in the work, we sometimes fail to address the core problem: our lack of awareness.  


We, in Athena, a training and well-being institute, have a deep conviction about empowering women to become sustainable leaders. We tailor our programs based on scientific knowledge, ancient wisdom, and business frameworks in order to raise up conscious leaders and change agents who are passionate about building an equitable and sustainable future. 


Personal development and competency building are at the forefront of our programs. We have made a pioneering effort in developing and executing management and personality enhancement programs, blending modern management and business knowledge with ancient wisdom to establish a sustainable business process for organizations. Using thousand-year-old techniques that have been passed on only verbally till today, we can ensure that the next generation of leaders will have the resilience, awareness, and wisdom to create meaningful change amidst the complicated world we now live in.  


Simone Junod, the founder chairperson of Athena Center AG & Athena Wisdom Institute AG and a qualified finance professional and business consultant with extensive corporate experience is also a respectable practicing Shaman. She very deftly has brought the best of both worlds together to nurture and groom future business professionals and entrepreneurs through Athena Wisdom’s programs. 


Athena Wisdom Institute is committed to incorporating solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) set by the United Nations. We are specifically focused on Quality education, Gender Equality, and Reduced Inequalities. We believe these sectors rely on transformative leadership, which Athena Wisdom is excited to embark on. We hope you join us on this journey! 


Junod was born and grew up in the French part of Switzerland, in Jura, with eight siblings. Along her career path as Chief Financial Officer and Finance Director, she kept training herself, also in areas outside her professional path.  


Understanding where we come from, what we are here for as human beings have always been her passion. 


Junod is a certified business and management coach & counselor (CAS/ECA), and wisdom teacher. 


Junod says continuous learning, transferring over knowledge, and coaching people to deploy their highest potential or to rediscover complete well-being are part of the vision that has materialized with the creation of Athena Wisdom Institute AG. 


Athena Wisdom Institute will launch its leadership program “Fearless, Free, Feminine (FFF),” a five-month immersive wisdom embodiment course for women willing to grow further and live the highest expression of themselves from June 28 to July 2nd, 2021. To kickoff this program, Simone Junod is hosting a series of free discovery sessions featuring rituals, guided meditations, and business frameworks. This program is designed to provide participants with guidance, self-awareness, emotional and physical resilience, stamina, and courage to go their path.