Two Italian Heros join forces for an Italian mega Hit

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An American Italian Opera Singer and an Italian Paralympic champion duet for the first time to celebrate Italy.


The first Duet Version of the most famous italian song






“L’Italiano” is an amazing duet by Jonathan Cilia Faro & Annalisa Minetti debuting on all platforms on June 25th. The artists give us their version of “L’Italiano” made popular by the great Toto Cutugno, written by Cristiano Minellono in 1983, and presented at the Sanremo Festival.


The idea of ​​the duet was born from a friendship between the two artists who had an immediate connection and with all the limitations and precautions in place in Italy at this time, decided to meet in a music studio in Rome a few months ago. Their goal was to interpret a song that is considered an unofficial anthem of Italy and known all over the world. A song still current today without which we could not better explain how beautiful our Italy is. All this, made with the brilliant production of Vincenzo Fontes and Vincenzo Cavalli and the assistance of Stefano Tedeschi aims to bring back a song that will make Italians dance and sing all over the world. The arrangement reminds us of the musical styles of such artists as Amy Winehouse, The Police and the flavor of the music of our favorite James Bond movies.


The “L’Italiano” project portrays real Italians with their best characteristics that have always been mine too;  the determination, the tenacity, the love of life are constant in the lives of true Italians no matter where they may live and these are the qualities that help us to make a difference in the world. “I chose to be the protagonist of this project”  declares Annalisa Minetti, together with Jonathan because we are two Italians living in different parts of the world but with a shared vision aimed at bringing our music, our Made in Italy to all. “L’Italiano, one of the most representative of all Italian songs ever written, almost an anthem, was born due to the support the entertainment world and to reaffirm the concept of a country that does not want to die, a country that wants to be there, that still wants to make a difference ”.


“The lyrics describe the negative and positive sides of Italians, typical of those who lived in our country at that time” says Jonathan Cilia Faro. It describes a cross-section of Italy in the 1980s and has become a global success.  I am proud to be singing this beautiful song with Annalisa and to encourage people to be positive and proud of being Italian. This project is the result of a true italian team made up of Nicola Vizzini, Amedeo Crimi, and of course Annalisa Minetti all ‘”very true Italians”.  “L’Italiano” is the result of our joint vision of ​​producing something both classical and yet different, modern version of an Italian classic. In fact, in the history of Italian discography, a duet version of  “L’Italiano” by the great Toto Cutugno has never been launched.