ANIL UZUN Will Talk about Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2021 on Clubhouse

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ANIL UZUN will talk about Bitcoin price predictions for the end of 2021 on Wednesday 17, 05.00pm on Clubhouse.



The prices that BTC reached were unimaginable last year. Nobody thought BTC would be that valuable. But it is still volatile. We have seen $60,000, then Elon Musk said ‘it was too high’ and the crypto currency leveled back to around $50,000.” says ANIL UZUN. 


ANIL UZUN says “I expect the BTC price to go much higher. But I cannot say where the top will be. And I predict it is going to flip gold. My price target for BTC is to exceed $100,000 by the end of 2021. And I want to learn about what others think. That is the reason I want to discuss the topic on Clubhouse with others.” 


Clubhouse is a social networking application that was born in Silicon Valley and has gained popularity in a short period of time around the world. It is an app based on audio-chat where users can listen in to conversations, interviews and discussions between interesting people on various topics.  


ANIL UZUN will talk about BTC, all time high price that the crypto currency reached in the recent months and the price prediction for the end of the year. 




ANIL UZUN is a visionary entrepreneur and investor based in London. He has been appointed as the new Republic of Vanuatu Trade Commissioner to the United Kingdom. He has an evangelical enthusiasm to support ventures and his companies invest in emerging technologies in trading, payments, and many other internet-based services. His door is always open to people who have integrity, openness, and a collaborative mindset.