Appeal of mobile gaming remains despite next-gen consoles arrival

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The release of the PlayStation 5 has been met with a great deal of frustration as consoles get snapped up by miners using software to automatically nab one, alongside an overall shortage of supply. If you can get your hands on one, though, then there’s no doubting just how impressive the console is. The PlayStation 5 isn’t the only gaming option on offer, though. In fact, mobile gaming is predicted to win more people over in 2021. But why?



Mobile gaming has certainly come on leaps and bounds, especially since technology has improved and we’re able to purchase more sophisticated smartphones. Games developers have far more to work with. As a result, mobile gaming has been chugging along in the background bringing in impressive numbers and winning over a lot of casual gamers. There are games for football fans, creations for puzzle lovers, and shooters for any chaos addicts. The options feel almost endless.


Surely the appeal of gaming on a more advanced and sophisticated PlayStation 5 console is greater than playing a smartphone game, though? Mobile gaming can’t compete, can it? It can and here are a few reasons as to why.


Gaming on the go


One of the main contributory factors behind the rise of mobile phone gaming is not solely down to the aforementioned improvements made with our smartphones but also due to a reason which has always been there; you can game while you get on with your day. We all have access to smartphones in 2021, with the gaming options that come with them being incredibly detailed. These days, casino operators are offering all types of games which are accessible using different payment methods like at, we have augmented reality releases like Pokemon Go, alongside creations requiring VR headsets and joysticks, elevating the mobile gaming experience further. All of these games can be enjoyed while on your commute to work too, making gaming on a phone far more accessible and consumer-friendly. Console gaming, on the other hand, requires far more time and attention. On the whole, it also requires a lot more skill which can inevitably put casual gamers off. Mobile games are generally easier to play, they can be downloaded within a matter of seconds, and overall they require far less of a commitment.



Console-quality titles


The mobile gaming community has been getting quite excited about a regular trend which is now occurring in the smartphone gaming space, as developers are taking the time to release the mobile versions of games simultaneously with the console and PC versions of games. We are also seeing a dramatic increase in the number of games making the transition from console over to mobile, with some notable releases doing it extremely well in recent times, with the likes of Fortnite, PUBG Mobile and Minecraft registering huge success. Thanks to the improvements made in our smartphones this has been made more possible but also due to additional accessories which make the appeal of gaming on a mobile phone even greater. We have access to VR headsets and joysticks, to name just a few, with both accessories dramatically improving the all-round mobile gaming experience for the community.



Cheap and free games


Mobile games are either cheap or free, opening them up to everyone. It is incomparable to console gaming in that respect, with most console games costing a lot of money. Some could argue that console games have become extortionate, in fact. In terms of mobile gaming, all you need is access to Google Play or App Store and the gaming world is your oyster.