LifeXcel and Elite Resource Team Join Forces to Increase Awareness of Growing Life Settlement Market and How High-Net-Worth Investors Can Benefit

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LifeXcel LLC and Elite Resource Team are collaborating to help financial advisors, insurance agents, and CPAs gain a better understanding of the often-misunderstood life settlements market. Using Elite Resource Team’s extensive network, LifeXcel will attempt to demystify the life settlements, highlight its benefits, and clarify how this alternative asset class can be utilized in investors’ portfolios.


Initially available to institutions and hedge funds only, life settlements aka Mortality-Linked Contracts (“MLC”) are now accessible by accredited investors in California and soon nationwide through LifeXcel. “From our inception in early 2019, we have accomplished significant milestones, not only in terms of launching our series LX products but also joining forces with organizations such as Elite Resource Team to increase awareness of growing life settlement market,” said Aleksander Dyo, Managing Director of LifeXcel LLC.


“Since life settlements’ returns are based on mortality benefit payouts versus market performance-driven traditional investment products such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or ETFs. Due MLCs non-correlated nature, they are viewed as an alternative solution to diversify investor portfolios. We trust that Elite Resource Team network of financial professionals finds this unique product appealing enough to introduce to their clients,” added Arthur Lee, Director of Operations of LifeXcel LLC.


The number of transactions both in secondary and tertiary markets have grown steadily for the past two decades as more and more states begin to disclose that policyholders have the option to sell their life insurance contracts. Increased regulation and transparency in the marketplace have boosted investor confidence resulting in increased demand for this alternative asset.


“Now is a great time for financial professionals to take advantage of the life settlements market,” said Anton Anderson, Co-Founder of Elite Resource Team.  “Working with LifeXcel LLC will help our advisors capitalize on those opportunities while expanding their network of professional expertise in our Virtual Family Office.”


LifeXcel LLC, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, is alternative assets administration company, specializing in structuring, distributing, and managing portfolios of life settlements aka Mortality-Linked Contracts.


Elite Resource Team, based in San Diego, CA, provides the coaching, systems, and relationships to empower Financial Advisors and Accountants to build Synergistic Partnerships, with the goal of providing more proactive and holistic planning for clients.