3 Tips for Starting a Window Cleaning Company

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Starting a window cleaning company can be an incredibly lucrative endeavor. It is the type of business you can rely on to be consistent as long as you put in all of the necessary groundwork involved in building your client base. With relatively low overhead and plenty of opportunity for expansion, a window cleaning service can be a great business to start.


However, like all new businesses, you are going to need to take certain things into consideration when you first look to get things off the ground. Aside from the obvious aspects of starting such a business, like hiring competent employees and acquiring all of the necessary equipment, you will need to make sure that you get other things squared away in the right manner. This will help you start on the road to success with your new business in the safest and most secure ways.


Here are three tips that anyone hoping to start a successful window cleaning service should consider.


1. Find the Right Insurance Coverage Early


Window cleaning is a job that is not going to be without its fair share of risk. It can be an incredibly labor-intensive job from which your employees might sustain injuries at some point or another. Furthermore, it involves working on and with either private or commercial property. This is not to mention the fact that you will surely have company vehicles and, thus, company drivers to protect as well.


All of these reasons and more indicate that you absolutely must have the right insurance coverage from the very beginning. Without such coverage, you expose yourself and all that you are looking to build to a great deal of potential risk and liability down the line. Don’t wait to secure the right window cleaning insurance for your new small business early on.


2. Brush Up on Your Communication Skills


As with any new business, you must have above-average communication skills in order to build a successful window cleaning company for yourself. Not only are you going to need to start building a client base early, but you are also going to need to have the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with any employees that you bring on board. Make sure that you can communicate clearly and concisely with all parties involved and that you have the right tools with which to do so.


3. Create a Unique Brand


The main challenge that you will face early on when acquiring clients is branding yourself in such a way as to convince customers that you are better than the competition. While your prices are going to factor into this, you will also need to be able to demonstrate a degree of professionalism through your branding that will be attractive to customers.


Make sure that your marketing and branding materials are consistent. The uniforms that you and your employees wear while on the job should be professional looking as well as fit for purpose.