Information Security Forum release cybersecurity report in partnership with The European Magazine

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The new report includes expert insight from ISF Managing Director Steve Durbin.




Leading specialists on cybersecurity and risk management Information Security Forum (ISF) have released a special report supplying businesses with crucial information when improving and refining their security practices. 


The report is headed by Steve Durbin, Managing Director of ISF and a frequent speaker and commentator on technology and global cyber trends. 


‘Cybercrime flourishes in an economic downturn, and as more organisations adopt digitalisation and move operations online, their need to protect data and critical assets increases. During these challenging times, the ISF is focused on helping our members meet business needs, manage risk effectively and provide assurance of the highest levels of protection across their organisation” Steve Durbin said on the release on the ISF special report.


Within the report ISF give vital information about the dangers of edge computing, instruct companies on how to protect their workforce by making them the strongest line of defence against any cyber-attack, and examines what the future holds for Chief Information Security Officers. 


The report was released by The European, the globally recognised magazine that offers readers a look at the activity of businesses and economic jurisdictions around the world. Readers receive expert insight into many subjects, including Banking, Technology, Sustainability, Foreign Direct Investment and Executive Education.


On the release of the report, a spokesperson from the magazine said: ‘Businesses are more prone to damaging attacks in this current economic climate. The impact that cybercrime could have on an organisation or company is catastrophic at the best of times and is only exacerbated by the global situation, so expert insight is vital in protecting against the loss of important data and information. Through releasing the report and giving ISF a platform upon which to inform readers, we hope to do our part in protecting businesses around the world.’


The report is available in PDF format on the website, and each of the articles will be posted up onto The European’s homepage and Technology section in the coming week. Physical copies of the report are also available with the autumn edition of The European magazine.


To access the report, click here: