Active Air Cleaning Technology from Airionex verified to destroy coronavirus in the air within a few minutes

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Airionex announced today the results of new independent testing. Varionix® active bipolar ionization air cleaning technology from Airionex has been verified to be effective for disinfecting coronavirus from the air. The virus was completely eliminated within minutes.

Varionix® active bipolar ionization systems from Airionex continuously cleans the air of pathogens. Currently available Varionix® air cleaning system units work inside an existing air handling system, or as standalone units, producing positive and negative ion clusters that travel into the room or other space to disinfect airborne pathogens. By deploying these bipolar ion clusters that actively seek out and destroy viruses, allergens, VOCs, odors, and other contaminants from the indoor air, the results are cleaner air and a safer environment for people using the facility.

The test result shows a coronavirus (Phi6) reduction rate of 99.993% from the air in 5 minutes and 24 seconds and reduction rate of 99.9% was achieved in only 3 minutes. The testing used a 918 ft3 size real-life situation simulation chamber, proving that bipolar ionization by Varionix® technology can actively cleanse the air in spaces like office or classrooms, instead of only reducing contaminants from the airflow in the duct or air handling unit.

“These cluster ions immediately attack the virus in the air at its source, if someone coughs or sneezes, so you don’t need to circulate the contaminated air through the HVAC system or any separate filtration system to keep the air clean,” said Founder & CEO of Airionex, Jukka Matikka. “Our active air cleaning technology decreases the virus aerosols’ infectious rate by 99.993% in a matter of minutes and will reduce the airborne infection rates not just for coronavirus in the current COVID-19 pandemic, but also for other airborne infectious agents.”

Matikka adds that, “It’s still important to use other best practices for health and safety, like wearing masks and washing hands frequently. However, the Varionix active air cleaning system adds an extra layer of protection, providing more peace of mind for schools, offices, event venues, and retail stores whose managers want to reduce the possible spread of infection as much as possible.”

The newest series of tests was performed by CREM Co Labs (Mississauga, ON, Canada) according to Air Decontamination Protocol based on U.S. EPA Guidelines OCSPP 810.2500 for Efficacy Test Recommendations on Air Sanitizers. They concluded that there was a 99.9% disinfection rate in 3 minutes, 4 seconds, among the influenza and coronavirus (including SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19) surrogate Phi6. After 5 minutes, there was a 99.993% disinfection rate. The bacteriophage Phi6 used in this test is a surrogate for enveloped viruses such as influenza and coronaviruses. CREM Co Labs is a laboratory positioned to provide value to the infection prevention and control (IPAC) industry as well as those working in health-related environmental microbiology and molecular biology.

Airionex provides eco-friendly air cleaning that eliminates pathogens, allergens, VOCs, and odors for the hospitality, health care, educational facilities, transportation, fitness, entertainment, manufacturing industries, and other workplaces across North America.

The Bipolar Ionization technology by Varionix® has already been available in Europe and Asia for a long time. The know-how behind this safe, natural, and environmentally friendly technology has improved the air quality in countless companies in dozens of different countries worldwide. Airionex is the sole distributor and importer for the Varionix products in the North American market.