Sports Technology Startup, BlueZone Systems, Welcomes Jay Ball as Brand Ambassador

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BlueZone Systems increases momentum and grows Canadian footprint as they welcome Jay Ball, Canadian business and sports executive with over 25 years’ experience in the sports industry, to the team.

BlueZone Systems, a US-based technology startup, offers a web-based solution designed to engage and motivate teams and athletes through culture-building, goal-setting and prescribed, personalized daily activity plans. With recent momentum and a strategic decision to focus on the sports vertical, the company is excited to welcome Jay Ball, Canadian sports executive, to the team. With over 25 years’ experience working with the Edmonton Oilers and FC Edmonton, Mr. Ball’s expertise and connections to the Canadian sports world will open immense opportunities for BlueZone in the Canadian market.


BlueZone’s easy-to-use, web-based app allows coaches to not only provide personalized training and development plans, but also to build team and individual culture and accountability, and to inspire confident, tough-minded, fearless competitors who strive for excellence. Athletes can easily record their daily activities, giving both coaches and athletes full visibility to performance data so it’s clear who is putting in the work. For coaches, the data helps identify areas for improvement, and for players, the platform acts as a mirror to see how they’re doing, and provides a window for them to see what their teammates are achieving, driving team connectivity, camaraderie, and friendly competition. Athletes build habits of investing in themselves, and with daily point targets, can “win” every day.


BlueZone’s newest team member, Jay Ball, is a Canadian business and sports executive with over 25 years of leadership in the business, charitable, and domestic/international sports sectors. Most recently Jay was the General Manager of FC Edmonton, a top tier professional soccer team in Canada where he led operations for four years including the complete re-brand and launch of the team as a Founding Member of the Canadian Premier League. Over the years, Jay has served several PR, sports marketing and leadership roles supporting major Canadian FIFA, IAAF, IIHF international events, and spent over two decades in game day media relations with the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club. The former President and CEO of Junior Achievement is a recognizable face in Edmonton. Over a 14-year career with the organization, he worked with leading Alberta CEOs to raise millions of dollars and drive the mission of Junior Achievement into thousands of Alberta classrooms.


As BlueZone expands its footprint in the world of Canadian sports, they’ve announced a live webcast on September 10, 2020 on driving athlete performance, accountability, and motivation. The webcast will highlight important platform benefits including the ability to build a championship team culture, placing a premium on both results and relationships, and on inspiring confident, tough-minded, fearless competitors who strive for excellence every day. Webcast attendees will also get a glimpse of the web-based application in action with a full demonstration of key functionalities.


“I’m thrilled to be joinining BlueZone from Canada at this pivotal time,” says Jay Ball, new BlueZone Brand Ambassador. “Though these are challenging times, there are enormous opportunities for athletes to focus on self-improvement. The players who use this time to invest daily at becoming better, faster and stronger will be the clear winners when competition resumes. I’ve found that BlueZone provides excellent clarity and focus through a very engaging user experience, and I simply think every athlete and team should know about it!”

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