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Birmingham digital marketing agency, Creative Ideaz has highlighted the importance of an online presence in the new normal after helping a nationwide chain of hair and skin clinic to expand its business during the UK’s lockdown. The search professionals teamed up with Este Medical Group while many organisations were in hibernation mode to help it capture a greater share of Google traffic as online searches spiked during the pandemic.


Creative Ideaz efforts, which began with a thorough audit of existing activity and the development of a new strategy, have seen the clinic welcome twice as many visitors to its site and double the number of leads coming in, compared with the same period last year.  The impact has been such that Este Medical Group is now pressing ahead with the opening of two brand new clinics in Glasgow and Manchester.


This work carried out by Creative Ideaz’s search marketing experts has seen Este Medical Group make huge inroads into the competitive Google search rankings, where it now commands top positions and visibility for its core services, including laser hair regrowth and hair transplants, skin treatments including hydrafacial and skin pigmentation treatments plus laser hair removal.


Investing in online improvements even as premises remained shut ensured Este Medical group had a healthy schedule of appointments and enquiries to field as the industry gets full back up to speed and restrictions are lifted.


Sam Cinkir, Managing Director of the Este Medical Group said, “Using the time that enforced lockdown provided has been one of the smartest things we could have done for the health of our business. We were able to work with Creative Ideaz to boost our online presence ready for such a time that we could reopen to the public. Most importantly, we were able to capture more search traffic by improving our Google positions at a time when many more people were spending more time online and researching their options for the future.”


Creative Ideaz’s growth hacking consultant, Sumit Kumar said, “We’re delighted that Este Medical Group have seen such a positive return from our lockdown campaign so quickly. We know that many business owners are unsure about what’s next for them and how the pandemic will impact their operations but, I think that we have demonstrated that it is possible to be successful if you’re willing to pivot and find a team that shares your vision.”


Founded in 2007, Creative Ideaz is a digital marketing agency which specialises in SEO and conversion optimisation. Its 18-strong team includes experienced designers, developers, copywriters and project managers, delivering end-to-end solutions for a wide range of businesses.