Electroninks Announces Strategic Alliance with Enjet Inc. to Provide <10um High Resolution Direct Metallization for the Printed Electronics Market

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Electroninks, the world’s most advanced supplier of particle-free silver, gold, and platinum conductive inks and pastes, today announces that it is entering into a strategic alliance with Enjet Inc., the world leader in ultra-high resolution printing to support advanced manufacturing of display, touchpanel, and packaging products. The key to this engagement is the shared value of commitment to customer success. Combining capabilities and resources will demonstrate both company’s continued investment in delivering world class conductive ink and printing equipment products.

  • This alliance provides consumer electronics customers with “complete manufacturing solutions”
  • Combines Enjet’s market leading EHD tools with Electroninks’ particle-free conductive inks
  • Electroninks to become sales agent in North America for Enjet’s tools and equipment
  • Electroninks will host customer demos at their headquarters in Austin, TX

“Enjet equipment is the most reliable and precise hardware tool on the market to print ~1um resolution features, combined with an extremely intuitive interface. It is clear the Enjet engineering team appreciates detail and ease-of-use in their commercial equipment. We look forward to further developing our particle-free conductive inks and adhesives for Enjet equipment,” said Dr. Garret McKerricher, Senior Scientist at Electroninks.

Electroninks and Enjet will work together as a dynamic team to supply conductive ink printing at <10um in several markets including micro-LED, mini-LED, EMI Shielding, and die-attach/interconnect applications. The combined technology will improve the manufacturing experience for customers by quickening product development and dramatically lowering costs by eliminating process steps such as lithography and etching. Ultimately, the companies envision providing the world’s first <10um direct 3D and 2D printing solution. With Enjet’s printing nozzles around ~1um in diameter to achieve high resolution, a particle-free ink is necessary to enable longer and more reliable printing by reducing interruptions. While Enjet has commercialized the fine printing equipment, Electroninks will commercializes grades of particle-free ink that are fully compatible to Enjet’s specific systems.

The alliance went into effect on March 1, 2020. Melbs LeMieux, Electroninks President and Cofounder and Doyoung Byun, Enjet CEO will lead business operations. As part of this strategic alliance, Electroninks and Enjet will begin to deliver fine-pitched metal contacts, 3D electrodes, and narrow via-fill solutions. With Electroninks focusing on particle-free conductive inks, and leveraging Enjet to focus on printing and integration, the partnership is guaranteed to produce state of the art solutions for high resolution printing technology.

Direct, fine-pattern printing enables advanced manufacturing required for increased performance in our consumer devices. It takes both print tools and appropriate conductive inks to achieve that solution. We have worked closely with the Enjet team the past year on this, and they have proven to be an excellent partner with world-class technology and leadership. We look forward to a successful alliance,” said Melbs LeMieux, President of Electroninks.

Electroninks will be a leading sales agent for Enjet’s tools and equipment in North America as Enjet expands into global markets. The eNano Jet printing system will be at EI HQ in Austin TX for customer demos.

Electroninks will host a product demonstration that will allow customers to see, feel and understand how their products set them apart from their competitors, giving their customers a unique, competitive advantage. Product demonstrations will be arranged by contacting Enjet or EI directly

Electroninks Incorporated provides materials, inks and products for consumer electronics devices, including their own consumer product line, CircuitScribe. Key products include particle-free silver, gold, and platinum conductive inks. Electronink’s novel chemistries and formulation know-how is based on their brand of particle-free inks and pastes that can directly replace nanoparticle and flake-based metallic inks and films. Electroninks recently completed its Series B equity financing, including strategic investments by Applied Ventures, Merck Ventures, InQTel, strategic investors from Taiwan and Japan, and series A investor Bandgap Ventures.

Since its foundation in 2009, ENJET Inc. has served to develop high resolution printer and coater (< 10um) and supply for Korea’s representative IT companies such as mobile phone, display, semi-conductor, FPCB, glass manufacturer, camera module, bio-medical and material companies nano-jet printer/coater. Their products can replace conventional dispenser with high performance printing even on 3D surfaces. They have established the production, sales and R&D networks, expanding their business opportunity into the global market. Enjet Inc. aims to become the leading  printer/coater provider that supplies innovative solution by continuous technology enhancement and quality satisfaction.