Mizuno implements EdApp for superior product training with retail giants

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Mizuno has today announced the adoption of EdApp to provide optimal training to sporting retailers and their employees for a holistic understanding of their products.

Mizuno has today announced the adoption of EdApp to provide optimal training to sporting retailers and their employees for a holistic understanding of their products. 

Established in 1906 in Osaka, Mizuno is a leading producer of sporting equipment and sportswear. The company prides itself on its intricate processes of research, design and development for creating highly sophisticated and technical products. High-performance athletes have sported Mizuno in their practice, resulting in iconic influence and eventually the mass exportation of Mizuno products. The global business has offices located in Osaka, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Rotterdam, and Atlanta, and the brand is deployed globally.

With EdApp’s mobile-based microlearning platform, Mizuno will be able to educate their thousands of retail employees that rely on Mizuno to be kept up to date with their innovative product releases. As the programme is rolled out to leading retailers, Mizuno will utilise EdApp’s gamification features to integrate a ‘Mizuno points’ system, providing prizes to the learners exhibiting the best performance. 

With high levels of new product releases combined with the high rates of staff turnover, a product like EdApp is ideal for the retail industry. Mobile learning and microlearning platforms provide a unique learning experience and allow learners to access courseware when it suits them. Mizuno recognises the power of using EdApp and microlearning to solve some of the larger issues their industry faces. This results in better learning experiences and ultimately better customer experiences when employees have constant access to valuable material. 

CEO of EdApp, Darren Winterford said, “Retail is one of the most challenging learning environments, particularly when you are looking at training a predominantly casual workforce. Mizuno has recognised EdApp’s unique learning experience can solve these challenges and has an unprecedented ability to educate in this arena. Our unique mobile-first platform enables Mizuno to engage retail cohorts seamlessly, contributing to a continuous and valuable learning experience, even without them being direct employees. We pride ourselves on providing the best training experiences to major retailers around the globe and are thrilled to welcome Mizuno to the EdApp family.”

Sally James, Marketing Manager at Mizuno said, “Since our establishment in 1906, Mizuno has contributed to the world of sport through innovative high-performance sporting equipment and sportswear, resulting in unparalleled athletic results. We understand the importance of implementing top-tier training for our clients and employees, which is why we are excited to be deploying EdApp into our training solution. We are particularly impressed with how EdApp has provided us with a platform that can be used to explain the more detailed and technical side of our product, which is essential to accurately represent the Mizuno brand. 

Through the implementation of EdApp into Mizuno’s training solution, the ability to progress through training via EdApp’s mobile platform is seamless. This allows a myriad of retail employees around the world to be well-informed of the products, brand, and history of Mizuno. 

Rihachi Mizuno opened his first store in 1906 to share his passion for sports through the gear he and a small team of craftsmen proudly made in Japan. Driven by an uncompromising focus on athletic performance and aware that getting small product design details right could make a big difference on the field, every generation of Mizuno products since then has combined meticulous craftsmanship with restless innovation. Today Mizuno makes the high-performance gear used by some of the world’s best athletes to run faster, push themselves harder and play to win.


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