Vaion Announces General Availability of vcam—A New Line of Cameras Designed for Complete and Data-Driven Security

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Vaion, an innovator in end-to-end AI video surveillance, announced this week the general availability release of vcam, a new line of cameras with integrated audio analytics that can identify sound events and their origin, as well as intelligent bandwidth optimization that reduces consumption by using high-quality video only when and where it matters. This new camera line is secure by design and easy and intuitive to install and manage.

vcam features directional audio analytics to identify the origin of sound events and AI bandwidth optimization to reduce storage demands.

Organizations need to recognize and prevent risky events before they escalate, as well as investigate incidents faster and with fewer resources. When paired with vcore, the Vaion video management system, vcam identifies objects, events, anomalies, and similarities, allowing organizations to gain a real-time understanding and act on threats immediately.

Our customers chose Vaion vcam because it is easy to install and intuitive to manage while giving them the ability to have a proactive response to events. It’s everything businesses need in a security camera, with the same AI-backed Vaion software we already know we can trust.” —Patrik Forsberg, CEO, Communitech AS

vcam Camera Line from Vaion

  • Available in two form factors: the 8 MP Dome delivers exceptional image quality, while the 12 MP Pano provides 360-degree coverage. Both cameras are designed for indoor, outdoor, and low light deployments.
  • The vcam line can hear as well as see: directional audio analytics identify sound events and their origin for more efficient, proactive threat responses. As privacy is of utmost importance, the integrated acoustic sensor does not record the sound by default but only listens to noise and raises alarms when suspicious patterns are found. 
  • Save storage and money: vcam’s integrated AI bandwidth optimization allows companies to maintain forensic details only when and where it matters.
  • Secure by design: vcam uses end-to-end encryption to prevent hackers from hijacking video feeds as well as factory-installed certificates on a trusted platform module to authenticate users and limit access only to authorized personnel.
  • Simple management: plug and play installation with Vaion vcore and integrated cable management. When paired with vcore, end-users can upgrade vcam to the latest software.

“Vaion vcam is different. It is beautiful, tough, secure, and modern. Our customers choose vcam for these reasons as well as the unprecedented audio and video intelligence these cameras offer in our solution.”—Lars Eirik Mobæk, Head of Hardware Engineering, Vaion

Check out the reveal video to see Vaion’s cameras in action and visit the vcam page for more in-depth information on what these cameras can do or schedule a private demo to experience vcam for yourself. Vaion vcam is shipping now—contact the Vaion sales team today. 

As a global company with offices in New York, London, and Oslo, Vaion is changing the traditional video security landscape with AI capabilities that make it easier for businesses and organizations to monitor their assets proactively. Vaion offers an end-to-end surveillance solution that helps companies detect threats in their earliest stages and perform fast, effective investigations with fewer resources.