Tragic death of Owen Carey at Byron’s Restaurant could have been avoided by using a simple app

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Restaurants can no longer use the excuse that they can’t provide a clear and easy to use information to their customers. launched earlier this year after discovering the shocking lack of information and poor communication in restaurants to provided allergen information along with helping many of those with complex food preferences.

Mistakes can be made that can be life threatening, however this app allows the chef to control directly the information provided to the consumer, reducing the risk of error significantly though staff communication and putting the customer in control of their choices.

Allergy menu are giving a talk to CIEH (Chartered instituted of Environmental health) this Monday to help raise awareness within the industry that there is now a simple and cheap solution to the problem, and it will save lives.

How it works

The App allows customers to filter the restaurant’s menu at the click of a button by the full range of legislated allergens, allowing to view the menu in an easy way. The Chef can manage all the dish information and allergen information to ensure its accurate and can be updated at a moment’s notice when a dish changes, so its always up to date.

Sharon at Arbuckle’s Restaurant in Norfolk have said:

“Brilliant app worth every penny, your customers will be delighted with this easy way to sort your menu into the dishes they can select avoiding their individual allergens. Not difficult to enter all your info and once loaded is a brilliant tool loaded onto a tablet or ipad in your business.. This little app has put our business ahead of the rest and proved to be a real asset, great opportunity to stand out from the crowd.”

Arbuckle’s Menu: