5 Ways to Get Involved as an Amateur Rower

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If you believe that to enjoy rowing as a sport that you must be a professional rower, then you are mistaken. There are many ways to get involved with rowing as a sport without being the best at rowing or even interested in taking part in the sport regularly. If you want to get casually involved with the sport as a whole, this guide will inspire you as to the best ways to do so.

1.   Place a Bet

If you enjoy watching and taking part in the sport but are not keen on participating in the sport yourself, placing a bet on rowing events is a fun and exciting way to still feel involved in the sport. Especially when it comes to major events on the rowing calendar. Not only this, but there are plenty of ways to take part and make a bet without even leaving your home, such as placing a bet using an online casino such as Unibet. Unibet’s easy to use interface means that it has never been easier to participate in the sport that you love by allowing you to easily see the odds and by updating you when the results are aired.

2.   Join a Local Rowing Club

If you think that rowing looks fun as a sport, but you do not know what the best way to take part in it is, you should research the local rowing clubs near you. Many towns and cities with nearby rivers and lakes have their own rowing clubs which offer classes and training to help you to improve your skills, as well as allowing you access to all the equipment and facilities that you will need, such as a boat. This is also the perfect way to meet like-minded people who can help to provide you with encouragement and with who you can share your passion for rowing.

3.   Join the British Rowing Association

The British Rowing Association covers the whole of the UK and allows as many people as possible to get involved in the sport. They offer many volunteer opportunities throughout the country through which allow you to help out on race days and support your local teams without committing yourself further. During volunteering, you can help to carry and prepare equipment, run events, and help to classify and score the races.

4.   Attend a Rowing Event

There are many local and professional events across the country which you can attend to get a flavour of the sport first hand.  If you are undecided whether you wish to take up the sport, many rowing clubs will hold town events across the summer season which you can attend to watch them in action and support your local amateur club. If you want to see a professional event, there are many exciting regattas and championships throughout the year, which you should look into attending.

5.   Take a Rowing Course

If you want to grow your skills as a rower and potentially lead a club or group, you should look into attending training courses and gaining qualifications in rowing that can help to showcase your expertise and skills at the sport.