Why A Brooklyn Startup Wants To Slash Your Furniture In Half

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Today, a direct to consumer Brooklyn-based company called Slash launches affordable, premium furniture that delivers to your doorstep and assembles in minutes.

Almost everyone has experienced the hassles of buying furniture at one point or another. Everything from those dreaded warehouses to the nightmare of getting all your furniture into a small apartment in a place like New York City. Slash started by thinking about not only a better furniture experience but thinking about “How to make people feel at home wherever they go?” They believe in redefining comfort around convenience, accessibility, and sustainability.

“The expectations of consumers have shifted in almost every industry, and home furnishings isn’t any different. Everyone wants quality pieces, affordable prices, and an easy assembly. Everyone expects a simple online experience, shipping to their door and exceptional service. Yet, traditional furniture brands haven’t been able to provide consumers with either what they expect nor what they want due to the number of challenges involved. Slash is changing this by redesigning the experience from the ground up, starting with the way interior products are designed and made.” — says Co-Founder and Head of Design, Christopher White.

Migrating from brick & mortar to online is a bigger challenge for furniture than it is for smaller items like clothing and accessories. Nevertheless, the consumer is begging for it, evidenced by the successes of mattress-in-a-box companies. Slash isn’t a company focused on the sleep experience. Rather, Slash was founded on the idea of creating comfortable spaces for everyone, which all starts with the cornerstone of every home, furniture.

After a couple of months of testing a pilot for their first product, today on SlashBed.com you can buy an artisan-crafted minimalist bed frame at affordable prices that can be assembled in minutes.

All Slash/ products are designed in Brooklyn by and made from real, natural wood sourced from their FSC and LVLK certified lumber partner in Indonesia. “We’re entering an industry that typically leaves a giant ecological footprint giving us the unique opportunity to offer a strong alternative. The countless inefficiencies in the industry are a guiding motivator behind our team and it’s where we seek to create the most impact. Redesigning the piece, process, logistics, and business behind furniture allows us to create more sustainable products and eventually pass those savings on to our customers in the form of fair pricing.” – says Slash Co-Founder, Jose Llorens.

Social responsibility has been core to the team at Slash since day one and is why they struck a strategic partnership with an Indonesian supplier who shares those values strictly. You can sleep well knowing that all Slash furniture is made using honest practices in healthy social work environments by artisans in clean facilities. 

What’s novel about the Slash/Bed is that it’s able to fold down smaller than any wooden bed on the market. Traditional knockdown beds, or beds that you can take apart, are boxed into packages that still extend the full length of the bed. Shippers categorize these as oversized packages and in turn, cost a fortune to ship. So rather than making you pay the extra delivery fee the Slash/Bed was “slashed” in pieces so it can fold down to a sixth of its size. The iconic slash on all four sides is where the bed folds neatly. The Slash/Bed can then be assembled in just minutes. Their unique fold and slide system works like a charm, maintains incredible strength and assembly is a breeze and a pleasure.

“Much of the design was inspired by Japanese joinery where woodworkers had to create large structures out of wooden planks that were only a fraction of the size. So they were forced to find ways to extend the pieces while maintaining exceptional strength at the joints, often relying on the physics of the design to ensure lasting durability.” – says Christopher White. Due to the unique joints, the bed can be taken apart and reassembled in your new home countless times if you’re moving. No more throwing away old beds every time you move. Better yet, it’s the only bed that fits in the back of your Uber.

View the product demo here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7qYVtpAqWQ