World Bloggers Awards to be held in Cannes, France

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Dancing millionaire Gianluca Vacchi and Foodgod are nominated for “bloggers’ Oscars” –  the World Bloggers Awards.

May 24, 2019, in Cannes, the first ever World Bloggers Awards will be held to honor the best and most influential bloggers in the world.

The organizers already have counted about 60 million followers who will be watching this event on their idols’ pages. The most successful bloggers in various categories: from fashion to politics will be present at the ceremony, which will take place during the hottest period of the year – Cannes Film Festival and the Formula 1 race.

The show producer Maria Grazhina Chaplin notes that “just a few years ago, many business people did not have an understanding of who are bloggers and what is blogging. At the same time, popularity of blogs was growing exponentially. Bloggers have become real influencers with several advantages over conventional celebrities.”

There are names of some of them:

Gianluca Vacchi @gianlucavacchi    12M

Jay Alvarrez @jayalvarrez  6,1M

Victoria Bonya @victoriabonya 6,3M

Jonathan Cheban @foodgod 3,1M

Hofit Golan @hofitgolanofficial 967K,

Sasha Chistova @sashachistova 1,5M

Lisa-Marie Schiffner @lisamarie_schiffner 1M

Taylor MEGA @taylor_mega 1,4M

Euerika Santos @euerikasantos 1,3M

Robert Jahns@nois7   1,2M

The highlight of the event is the animals that will come out on the stage with the stars. Dogs, cats and even a hedgehog submitted their applications for participation at the award:

Mr.Pokee the Hedgehog @ mr.pokee 1,3K

Irina & Space @veryire 416K

Tiara, Luna, Lizzie @mainecoonqueens 186K,

Stéphanie AMAZING NARNIA Double Face @amazingnarnia 152K.