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Aura Alliance, a global leader in unified communications, is refocussing the brand and what it represents.

Why? Well, a lot has changed since we were founded in 2009.

We now offer a much wider spectrum of corporate communications solutions and services. Those services are available to a growing number of countries in almost every corner of the world. Best of all, our alliance of unified communications specialists now offer support for a vast array of leading vendors.

In short, we’ve grown massively to adapt to the changing needs of multi-national businesses and lead the way in global unified communications. It’s time our branding reflected that. Welcome to the exciting new chapter of the Aura Alliance…


As you can see, it’s quite the shift from what we’re used to. With all the changes already in place and planned, that’s exactly what is needed.

Our logo is no longer made up of just two colours. We have a whole spectrum, reflecting the array of vendors supported by Aura Alliance and our partners. Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, Genesys – we support clients with any combination of software to provide a multi-vendor unified communications (UC) solution.

An endless, flowing shape represents the continuity of our services. Our global network of UC specialists take care of everything from start to end and back. Planning, deployment, auditing and ongoing support is all covered by our comprehensive services.

Most of all, the new logo represents a fusion of technologies. As a global UC provider, we understand that global customers have a vast range of technologies in use. They need them to work together seamlessly. We don’t force your business to compromise. Instead, we provide a tailored solution with expert support, all managed centrally.


At the Aura Alliance, we’re committed to delivering every aspect of unified global communications. Our rebrand takes a similar approach, covering all bases of our corporate identity – from a designated company typography to a palette of primary and secondary colours.

So, much like the global services we offer – with uniform SLAs, tailored currency and language options and a single point of contact – you can expect consistency across the board.


It’s nice to see a new look for Aura Alliance. But what’s more exciting is the progression of internal changes within the Alliance itself. Our recent acquisition of the Unified Communications Alliance (UCA) is just the latest in a series of moves to transform the Aura Alliance into an open, multi-vendor global alliance.

Our partners across the globe are adopting new technologies to broaden the Aura skillset. The end goal? To provide truly comprehensive UC solutions to business in every location around the world. This rebrand is yet another keystone moment in the transformation.

If you want to discuss our communications solutions and how they can help your company, we’re ready to talk. Get in touch with our UC specialists today.