Strategic Capital Holdings Announce the Start of Their Client Financial Planning Education Courses

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Strategic Capital is to provide financial training programs to clients to strengthen their financial understanding and enable them to fully appreciate and understand how Strategic Capital focus their investment strategies.

Strategic Capital will begin rolling out its unique financial education programs in December 2018, Aaron Zimmerman, Strategic’s Chief Operating Officer said, “Our goal is to strengthen individual clients financial understanding by teaching them via financial literacy, we will supply 15 in-depth financial planning education courses, they are going to be personalized to each individual client in order to meet their specific needs.”

He also said, “We frequently encounter clients that find the entire wealth management industry perplexing, so the financial training courses are being created to help them comprehend precisely the depths of analysis and strategies we develop for our clients”.

David Lee, Strategic’s Chief Investment Officer said “ Everyone wants their finances managed in a more intelligent and more efficient way, but not everybody has the understanding or means to accomplish this, that’s where we come in by educating our clients to thoroughly comprehend their unique financial circumstances. We feel it is essential that the client can follow the strategy we formulate to enhance their financial position”.

Strategic also say their specialists will present additional financial insights to those clients searching for ways to enhance supplemental investing beyond their financial umbrella, with the goal of supporting them to grow their long-term savings potential.

About Strategic Capital Holdings

Founded in 2007 Strategic Capital Holdings has continually remained on a drive towards excellence, proud to stand side by side with our clients, proud of our achievements and proud that we have been given the trust and faith to assist our clients achieve their financial goals.

We offer the same individually tailored service to all our clients, we don’t differentiate between institutional investors or individual clients, every client has specific needs and we aim to ensure all our client’s trust and faith in our firm is met and exceeded.

We consider the best approach to achieving your financial goals is by focusing on a multi-asset path that incorporates: rounded asset allocation, Analyst lead insights, factor exposures, emerging market research and a structured portfolio implementation.