Chuck No Risk asks how well does the simulation game FIFA 19 depict reality?

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Chuck no Risk provides a glimpse into FIFA 19 and compared the players’ ratings with their real strength. They have given detailed know-how of the game for the anticipating gamers and sports fanatics.

Chuck No Risk gives an outlook on the anticipated FIFA 19 game and asked if the game can depict reality. They have provided extensive detail on player evaluation, graphics, and real-life predictions and provides a detailed insight into this upcoming game

Covering changes, simulation VS reality, facts, figures, rating and player evaluations Chuck No Risk gives a comprehensive synopsis of this particular game.

The Editor in Chief of this company stated, “The craze of this football simulation game has reached its peak as its release time is nearing. This game is going to feature for the first time, all the Champions league players and teams with the official ball and anthem of this competition. Unlike its previous versions, this game has redefined reality in the world of simulation sports game.”

He further went on to talk about how advanced graphics and improved gameplay has abled EA Sports to develop FIFA 19 to revolutionise the video game world.

Chuck No Risk reviewed the players rating over the last ten years. The overall strength of a player has been calculated on values of specific attributes assigned to each. Some attributes need manual re-evaluation giving players unique traits such as top scorer or acrobatic, etc.

Determining player information has gotten extremely detailed over the years. “Before, EA Sports did not have the capabilities to give the true strength of a player. So they had to update existing attributes to improve overall rating”, explained the EA Sports Scout Michael Müller-Möhring.

The data shows, that the game is almost a mirror image of footballing reality. So, it was always able to predict one of the semi-finalists of the prestigious UEFA Champions League competition over the las ten years. As, it is seen from the years of 2009-2018, that teams who have a majority of top 50 players in the world, reach the semi-final.

Chuck No Risk’s intensive research and review of FIFA 10 – FIFA 19 shows how detailed information is procured to incorporate it into this game, therefore, making it closer to reality. is a international sport reviewing platform based in Berlin. It provides cutting edge, real time outlook on existing and upcoming football games and video games such as FIFA 19. They provide football-related articles and give a real-time score on major leagues including the Bundesliga and La Liga.