Famous Pop Artists Start 24/7 Live Stream

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Live streaming has been growing rapidly in recent years. The leading web site, Twitch.tv, is on the Top 40 of most visited websites in the world, while being Top 20 in the USA, UK, South Korea & Scandinavia. So far this genre has been dominated by gamers, but time has come for the artist community to join in. The first pop band, with a worldwide hit to their name, to live stream themselves 24/7 is Rednex, most famous for the party hit Cotton Eye Joe and their untamed stage performances.

The viewer of their channel – https://www.twitch.tv/rednexmusic – will be able to follow the band in their escapades around the clock, including show, backstage, travels, dinners, parties and even sleeping, while the chat will allow the viewer to directly communicate with the band. The premiere will happen on Friday August 10th 2018 at 2 pm CET at the IRL (In Real Life) genre at Twitch, and go on unstopped until Monday. 

“Rednex has always been a bunch of extrovert outcasts, perfect for exceptional reality TV. So to live stream 24/7 is a natural step for us to take, “ says co-founder Pat Reiniz. “It’s the technological development of mobile internet in the last two years that has finally made it possible for an artist on tour to be broadcasting constantly.”

“We have made a lot of tests in the past months, but this weekend we are ready for take off,” says Pervis the Palergator, one of 14 members in the Rednex pool of performers. 

Rednex dissolved the permanent band in 2012. Today they have the possibility to do shows with different bands in different locations at the same time.

“This is an insane weekend for us. We have three different bands in three different locations, one in East Germany, one in West Germany and my outfit who is going to Romania and Hungary,” says Moe Lester the Limp, the most recent addition to the pool.

Rednex recently released the single Manly Man, which they call their “most ambitious release in 17 years”. This week the song entered the Top 100 German Dance Charts (ddjc.de) as the third highest new entry. The video is still unlisted and officially unavailable, but an exclusive link is presented here – https://youtu.be/77DeTcQUwHg