PSI Partners With Totem Learning In The UK For New Era of Games Based Assessments

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PSI, the leading global assessment provider, today announced a key strategic partnership with Totem Learning, a leader in Game Design, to provide engaging assessment solutions focussing on key applicant behaviours, motives and abilities. The PSI and Totem Learning partnership will drive assessment experiences that leverage leading gamification assessment principles and provide employers a competitive edge when seeking top talent.


Organisations with large annual recruitment programmes, such as ‘early career’, retail and contact centre campaigns, have to balance the rigour of the assessment data they collect, with ensuring an engaging experience to motivate and inspire candidates to progress with their applications. To really conquer this challenge and ensure that the process is fair and open to all, companies are embracing new, digitally engaging methods, including gaming principles.

The partnership brings together PSI’s technology-first approach to recruitment and selection, with Totem Learning’s background in developing world-class, serious games. Games Based Assessments gather insight into candidate behaviour through dynamic and immersive situations, which can generate more genuine responses from candidates than traditional assessments and reduces the likelihood of “response distortion”. The new Games Based Assessment approach from PSI and Totem Learning will help clients select the best candidates through custom products that give a unique and customisable assessment experience.

“Games Based Assessments are growing in popularity for certain applicant cohorts because they align with technological expectations, modern ways of working and the motives of the target groups. We’ve partnered with award-winning games designers, Totem Learning, who offer game design expertise combined with an openness to using applying serious games in new and innovative ways” said Chris Small, VP International at PSI. “The combination of Totem Learning’s experience in serious games and PSI’s assessment design expertise, creates a ground breaking games based assessment solution, underpinned by over 70 years of science and assessment design experience.”  

Helen Routledge, award winning game designer and CEO of Totem Learning explains: “Games Based Assessments are an exciting way of testing potential candidate fit for a role and company culture.We are excited about this partnership, giving us the opportunity to develop our games alongside the deep psychological expertise and assessment frameworks built by PSI’s Talent measurement practice, over more than half a century. Our award winning development team are industry leaders, ensuring that forward-thinking employers who start to utilise Games Based Assessments will get powerful, innovative and best of breed solutions.”

The partnership will bring new assessment products to the market for 2018, alongside existing customised solutions for organisations seeking to deploy valid and robust measurement, using the latest gaming techniques.

Totem Learning is an award winning developer of engaging and effective simulations and serious games. Totem is pushing the boundaries of innovation in the sector, with multiplayer as well as augmented, virtual, mixed reality  and AI technology. You can read more serious games in ‘Why Games Are Good For Business – How to Leverage the Power of Serious Games, Gamification and Simulations’, commissioned by Palgrave MacMillan and written by Helen Routledge, CEO of Totem Learning. 

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