Laduma to tell how AR, VR & MR are changing the face of travel and tourism

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Laduma CEO Ben Smith will tell how augmented, virtual and mixed reality are changing the face of travel and tourism at the World Travel Market in London next week.

The travel industry is using Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality to change the way it reaches customers – Laduma will explain how at the World Travel Market in London


The groundbreaking technology company is set to be a key attraction at the event, which brings together travel industry leaders for three days at London’s Excel Arena from Monday.

Laduma has shot AR, VR and MR for travel and tourism clients all over the world, from Hawaii through to Oman, South Africa, Iceland and Mexico. The company has also developed pioneering filming techniques in remote regions of the globe.

Ben Smith takes to the stage on Wednesday, November 8th from 10.30am, at WTM Inspire Theatre – EU490. He will lead a panel discussion on the future of AR, VR and MR within travel and tourism, alongside key players from across the industry.

He said: “Our technology has evolved to reach an era that people have predicted for many years, but few saw it coming so quickly. This evolution means technology is now totally integrated into so many aspects of our lives, both online and offline. The heightened intelligence of technology is fundamentally changing the way we think about travel.

“We will be exploring these aspects of the industry in detail, so that together we can continue to map out a future for AR, VR and MR within travel and tourism.” 

Laduma works with all sectors of the tourism industry, from cities and hotels to sports venues and adventure holiday brands. The company’s popular wildlife content enables people to interact with animals up close and personal like never before. 

From cheetahs and lions in South Africa to bison and wild stallions in Utah, Laduma has spent months patiently filming animal life across the globe, all in 360 VR.  

The brand has also developed specialist underwater camera rigs, opening up new opportunities for diving resorts, aquatic attractions, theme parks and hotel pool facilities.

As part of the World Travel Market event, Laduma will place a spotlight on that expertise at a separate streamed interview session about the future of the tourism industry.

“Laduma is developing incredible AR, VR and MR content for the tourism industry and we want to tell the world about that,” Mr Smith added.

“While at World Travel Market we’ll be demonstrating new ways to explore the natural wonders of the world through 360 VR, AR and MR. Experiences will include the geysers of Iceland and Wyoming, the lava flows of Hawaii’s Big Island, the Florida Everglades, Table Mountain and Stonehenge, just to name a few. 

“Laduma will also be bringing a unique AR portal to World Travel Market. Built specifically for the tourism industry, it enables users to step onto five different continents.

“But this technology should also be accompanied by a set of clear, concise objectives. This means the customer, be that a boutique hotel or international airline, can identify the benefits of working with Laduma.”

Tourism experts from across the world are expected to join the live stream, which will also include a question and answer session about the future of the industry.

Laduma also offers a huge stock library of 360 2D video, featuring incredible content shot at destinations across the world.

Laduma will be exhibiting at stand UKI230 at World Travel Market, which takes place at London’s Excel Arena from Monday, November 6th.

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Laduma is the game-changing Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality content company that solves real brand challenges by creating incredible 360, 3D and 2D experiences. With offices in the UK, US and South Africa we produce truly ground-breaking solutions to help iconic global brands tell their stories like never before. 


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