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A recent NASA funded study confirmed that livestock emissions are a considerable contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. The results, which were now published in the journal Carbon Balance and Management, revealed that global methane emissions produced by livestock exceed previous estimates by around 11 percent (i).

Recent scientific findings show that global methane emissions produced by livestock are higher than estimated. In this respect, Zaluvida’s Mootral is an instant problem-solver.

To date, there has been no commercial, scalable solution to reduce methane emissions from cows. Over the past years, researchers in the UK, funded by the Swiss-led life science group Zaluvida, together with leading European universities, developed a unique feed supplement, called Mootral, comprised of fruit and vegetables, to instantly reduce methane emissions from ruminants by at least 30%. Mootral can already today help the livestock industry to reduce carbon emissions immediately.

Jamie Newbold, Director of Research and Enterprise and Professor of Animal Science at the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS) at Aberystwyth University and member of the Mootral Scientific Advisory Board of the Zaluvida Group says: “What is unique with Mootral is that we have taken the original concept of plant extracts and moved it forward and that the effects are repeatable and reliable and highly potent.”

Climate-friendly products have already been presented in the U.S. and will be coming to Europe this month. Enhancing the value of organic and regional products, Mootral offers consumers the choice to help the environment while continuing to enjoy beef and dairy. This is also crucial, since cows play an important role in transforming biomass, such as grass, into valuable nutrients to feed a growing human population. Zaluvida’s Group CEO Christoph Staeuble said: “I am delighted to present real beef from real cows that are no longer big polluters. At a time when agriculture must feed more people every month, climate-friendly beef and dairy guarantees a sustainable solution to greenhouse gas emissions – with beef and dairy that is 100% authentic.

(i) Revised methane emissions factors and spatially distributed annual carbon fluxes for global livestock, Carbon Balance and Management, 29 September 2017.

Zaluvida is a globally operating life science group that endeavours to rapidly develop solutions for the biggest challenges in healthcare. The company is led from its corporate offices in Switzerland and has branches in Germany, Wales, the Netherlands, the U.S. and Malaysia. By making use of unique bioactive compounds with pharma-grade efficacy, Zaluvida is a pioneer in therapies and technologies for obesity, antimicrobial resistance and for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Our team is united by the desire to use visionary biotech innovations to support as many people as possible in shaping a better future for themselves.

Mootral is a Zaluvida Technology. By applying unique bioactive compounds in animal feed, Mootral reduces greenhouse gas emissions by the agricultural sector and enables increased revenues from climate-smart meat and dairy products. Therefore, Mootral facilitates the value of animal products and a more conscious consumption while simultaneously making a large contribution in reaching the set climate goals.