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The developers of a new global test for aspiring doctors, created by the UK’s Royal Society of Medicine, the Medic Portal and the British education group, ASIS, have chosen Hong Kong as the launch-pad for what they believe will be a major contribution to the recruitment of new medics.




Launch of “FIT TO BE A DOCTOR?”
The new benchmark test for students considering a career in medicine

Launch Date: July 11, 1400 hrs.
Venue: The British Consulate, Hong Kong

‘Fit to be a Doctor?’ is a 90-minute on-line test for students aged 14-18 who are thinking about medicine as a career. It is designed to show the next generation of doctors what they need to do to gain entry to medical schools across the world. It will be available to take at test centres across the region led by Amber Education.

The new test will highlight the academic, social and communication skills required by 21st century doctors. The developers believe it is the first test of its kind on the market which gives aspiring medical students very practical guidance on precisely what standards they need to improve their chances in the highly competitive entry application process for medical careers.

Each test taker will receive a detailed analysis of their areas for improvement and to help them further, the Royal Society of Medicine is making available the latest research and best-practices from its video library, a resource normally reserved solely for RSM members.

Commenting on the launch, the Chairman of ASIS, Mr David Boddy, said: “This is the first in a series of careers tests specifically aimed at helping young people understand with far more clarity the requirements of the professions they are entering. The RSM and the Medic Portal are leaders in medical education across the world. Their aim is to ensure that standards of medical practice are at the highest possible levels going forward.

““Using the test results we are able to analyse whether a candidate’s ambition to go into the field of medicine is matched by their talents and aptitude. Furthermore, we can identify their strengths and weaknesses, not only academically but in terms of other vital skills needed in this particular field, and then outline which areas of medical practice they would be best suited for. This provides them with an invaluable insight into their potential future career path.”

He said that Hong Kong had been chosen as the launch venue because of the quality of its students and their options to study medicine in Europe, the USA and China. Potential doctors from Hong Kong are widely sought after.

The test is delivered via Pearson VUE technology, the partner of ASIS.

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