Three perfume trends for 2017

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Refreshing fragrances with fresh green ingredients, unique niche perfumes created using traditional methods and perfumes that blur the lines between typical feminine and masculine fragrances. These are the main trends in perfumes this year.

1Get to know them in detail and wrap yourself in dazzling fragrances that are clearly ‘in’ this year.

Green perfumes with a serious dose of freshness

Green is the color of the year and the force behind all fashion trends, including these perfumes. If you are not sure what to buy the next time you are in a perfume shop, you can’t go wrong with green. Green bottles and refreshing green ingredients in perfumes: aromatic basil, invigorating green tea, fresh mint and the soothing scent of conifers.

An excellent choice is a proven classic: Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume for women. Green ingredients such as mint, oak moss and green tea blend beautifully with refreshing citrus and the floral scent of jasmine.

And what about Armani Acqua di Gioia perfume for women with aromas of mint, or Kenzo Parfum D’Ete with crisp green notes of freshly cut grass? Our hot tip is the unmistakable Comme Des Garcons Amazingreen, which is a combination of all three of this year’s trends in one.

Unisex perfumes for men and women

Strict distinctions between women’s and men’s fashion simply no longer exist today. For example, have you seen the Burberry or Baja East collections? Freedom of expression and gender-neutral clothes are becoming increasingly popular. The same rules apply in the world of perfumes. Try unusual unisex perfumes suitable for both men and women.

You will find absolute uniqueness in the seductive velvet unisex perfume Escentric Molecules Molecule 01, which was created as a tribute to one aromatic molecule: Iso E Super. Check out perfume discounts and indulge in a distinctive scent that will keep you from getting lost in the crowd.

Unusual niche perfumes with delicate ingredients

Rare ingredients, traditional production methods and an idiosyncratic composition. Meet niche perfumes. Niche fragrances are the right choice for all lovers of luxury, originality and unusualness. They contain, for example, silver frankincense, rare Damask rose rare and precious stones. All this in a perfectly balanced composition that will excite all your senses.

Try perfumes from popular niche brands such as Juliette Has a Gun, Montale or By Kilian. The Italian brand Acqua di Parma also manufactures unique perfumes. Their Rosa Nobile perfume for women has a base of ambergris — a very rare gray amber. Its combination with a lovely floral scent of rose, lily of the valley, peony and violet is enchanting.

You too can choose from this year’s perfume trends! If you’re afraid of trying something new, test the perfumes first or try discount perfumes. And if you’re not into fashion trends, do not despair. With proven classics such as Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria, you’ll always be ‘in’.