Most expensive LEGO brick in the world sells for £15,750; bought by British collector

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Last night, online auction house Catawiki  auctioned off one of the world’s rarest LEGO bricks for nearly £16,000. The LEGO brick, made of 14-carat solid gold broke the record for the most expensive LEGO brick on the planet. The gold itself is estimated to be worth merely £1,700, however the real value of the brick is in its collectability.

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Between 1979 and 1981 these golden bricks were given by the LEGO Company to a select few valued business partners and employees who had been on the LEGO team for 25 years. It is thought that no more than 10 of these bricks exist; and so the auction caught the attention of fans around the world with a fierce bidding war smashing through the expected sale price of £12,000.

According to Catawiki, it has been more than five years since one of the bricks was last on the market, when it sold for approximately £11,000. It is unknown when another of these rare bricks will next go up for sale, but yesterday’s auction shows a real interest in investing in rare LEGO. “The brick that was auctioned on Wednesday night was offered by a family member of an Italian business partner of LEGO, who received the brick in 1980, for his contribution to the development of the LEGO Company in Italy,” said Rolf Nagtzaam, LEGO expert at Catawiki.

According to Catawiki, interest in the brick came from around the world “Because of the true rarity of this item, this is truly the Holy Grail of LEGO bricks. There were bids from collectors across the world, however the LEGO brick was ultimately snapped up by a collector in England. 

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