Snap up shots of the King of Cool in special Steve McQueen photography auction

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Catawiki, the online auction house for rare and unique items, is putting on a themed photography auction for the King of Cool and Hollywood, the late Steve McQueen, providing fans with the opportunity to secure a piece of movie history.

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The auction features numerous vintage press images, from photographers such as John Dominis, William Claxton and Jim Marshall. Standout photos from the auction include images from the set of the 1964 film ‘Baby the rain must fall’, McQueen embracing Natalie Wood in ‘Love with the proper stranger’ , and a candid shot from the 1964 Academy Awards of McQueen with Rita Hayworth and Gina Lollobrigida.

The 50-strong collection also includes moody black and white portraits from the film ‘The Hunter’, as well as McQueen practicing his shooting before ‘Palm Springs’, amongst many others, with this auction and special collection of photos set to touch many hearts.

Catawiki’s Mark Borgman says: “It is the first time that such a high calibre of vintage photos of McQueen have been brought together in an auction. We have seen a growing hunger for vintage in the last few years, with Steve McQueen memorabilia being a key example of this desire. In this auction, we are already seeing people from all over the world bid for rare images of the Hollywood icon.”

A television-turned-movie star, McQueen was the toughest leading man of his day. Starring in films such as The Magnificent Seven, Bullitt, and The Great Escape, he became one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. McQueen was nominated for an Oscar and four Golden Globe awards, and received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Throughout his public life, McQueen exhibited a cool demeanour and style that made him a cultural icon, admired by men, loved by famous and beautiful women, and captured for eternity by the world’s top photographers.

The auction is live now and runs on Catawiki until Sunday 5th February, with some images set to fetch up to 300 each.  View the full collection here:

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