Another 20 years of Locamation centralized substation control for National Grid

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National Grid is upgrading the Locamation SAS2000 centralized substation control system it has been using since the early 1990s to the latest version of the product – to deliver a further 20 years of service.

Text Box:    SAS2000 centralized substation control architecture.    Around 10% of National Grid’s power transportation network substations in England and Wales will be covered by the upgrade programme, which includes updating software on the same platform as Locamation’s SASensor ® CPC (Centralized Substation Protection and Control) system – the most widely used CPC product on the market.

“This is a massive vote of confidence in Locamation and SASensor® –  the centralized substation management selected by National Grid to control large parts of its HV transmission grid,” said Bastian.

Fischer, Locamation’s CEO. “As the IEEE has stated, centralization is the future of substations – and with over 4.5 million hours of running centralized substation management systems under our belts, we have the clearest proof that they perform better than non-centralized systems.

“This upgrade will extend asset life, significantly enhance reliability, future proof functionality for years to come and provide grid data and asset performance insights of the highest accuracy.”

Existing SAS2000 hardware used by National Grid will be updated and refurbished in a series of planned projects, rather than replacing the whole automation system, thus saving time, money and minimizing risks. Outdated modules will be replaced with units that are identical in form, fit and function, but upgraded with state of the art technology to serve the next 20 years.

Russell Clayman, Locamation’s UK Business Development Manager, added: “Locamation’s centralized substation management systems are easy to upgrade by design, because software and hardware can be updated in separate projects, which ensures maximum control and minimal risk.

“We are delighted to extend our service to National Grid for another 20 years. This really showcases our ability to offer long term support and flexibility, to meet emerging needs.”

National Grid owns and maintains high voltage electricity transmission network in England and Wales. Networks consists of approximately 7,200 kilometers) of overhead line, 1,500 kilometers of underground cable and 336 substations.


Locamation is a leading global provider of innovative smart grid enabling substation automation technology. The company offers power network operators a simple, flexible and easy to upgrade solution that allow high, medium and low voltage networks to become intelligent.

The company’s SASensor® CPC solutions are installed in hundreds of substations worldwide. The SASensor® CPC replaces thousands of installed devices with five hardware components only. Thanks to Locamation, installations become smarter, with easy upgradeable open platform software that unlocks real time key data about grid operation, network capability and efficiency.

Locamation is headquartered in The Netherlands and operates internationally, with local representation as well as sales and distribution partners.