Business Jets rapatriated persecuted Christians from Iraq to Slovakia

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 Business Jets ( ) organizes tailored-made private flights for a wide variety of clients but lastly, the company achieved a real tour-de-force in transporting 149 persecuted Iraqi  Christians refugees to Slovakia. The evacuation was funded by an American Christian charity, the Glen Beck’s Mercury One, and performed by Business Jets, a Kiev-based business aviation company. It was approved by the Iraqi and Slovakian government.

Business Jets achieved a veritable tour de force in transferring 149 Christians out of Iraq. These families, under the threat of the Islamic state, have been evacuated from Erbil, Kurdistan, to Kosice, Slovakia. The Glen Beck’s Foundation turned to Business Jets because of their keen understanding of the Eastern and Central European realities as well as their ability to cope with middle-eastern mentality.

A team of 4 sales manager worked full time for more than two weeks to make this flight happen. They faced many challenges. Finding an aircraft was the first one. The team had to source a 150-seats Airbus A-321 directly in Iraq as no European company was ready or had the available asset to fly there.

Finding the right person to talk to for obtaining the permits was another challenge. Iraqi regulations were very tough to work around with: to authorize an aircraft to take off, you should have the authorization form both the Iraqi civil aviation authorities and from the local airport whereas in Europe you just need a go from the civil aviation authority. The team finally overcame the difficulties and families were evacuated in an Airbus A-321 to Slovakia.

As the Iraqi airspace was closed for 48 hours at that time because of Russian rockets being fired from the Caspian Sea to Syria, the original flight had been delayed. During this time, the Business Jets ( team kept the foundation updated on the situation on the ground.

 “Our biggest satisfaction was to know we probably saved lives back there », said Julien Z, a sales manager who worked on the evacuation. At that point, we can only agree with him.

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