Record attendance as EUROMOVERS debates key industry issues in Helsinki

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EUROMOVERS International, a global network of moving companies specialising in looking after transferring executives, will hold its annual conference in Helsinki from 26-29 May, 2016.  The business programme has been designed specifically to help members understand the key issues that are affecting the industry today, thereby better equipping them to provide the services their customers need.


Photo: Thomas Juchum, General Manager, EUROMOVERS International

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The conference will address three main areas that are exercising the minds of industry leaders: the new requirement from the International Maritime Organisation to weigh every container and provide a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) to the master of the vessel prior to loading; the changes in EU customs procedures from 1 May, 2016 that will require used household goods entering Europe to be cleared in the country where they will be used rather than where they first landed; and new developments in the industry that see the increasing use of technology and the commoditisation of the moving process that threatens to disrupt the ‘status quo’ in the same way budget airlines turned their industry upside down in the 1990s.

As well as providing a global network of trading partners, EUROMOVERS International also strives to ensure that all its members are up to date with the latest industry developments and suggests best practice to maintain a consistent level of service worldwide.  Thomas Juchum the EUROMOVERS International general manager, said that this was a key function of the network and greatly valued by members. “We are on target for a record turnout this year for our conference.  This clearly demonstrates the value of the network and the importance our members place on these key issues,” he said.

EUROMOVERS International has a total of 58 member companies in 35 countries as far apart as Australia, China, Europe and the USA.