Automotive Cyber Security Forecast 2015-2025: Software, hardware-based solutions and security frameworks for Connected Cars

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Auto2x assesses that in the wake of the recent car hacks by cyber security researchers and US Senator Markey’s report on the vulnerability of modern vehicles to malicious attacks, Automotive Cyber Security will unfold as the key topic in OEMs and suppliers’ agenda for the immediate future.


Automotive Cyber Security Forecast 2015-2025:Software, hardware-based solutions and security frameworks for Connected Cars & the development of the competitive landscape over the next decade

In detail, as automobile-driving progresses from Connected and Assisted to highly and fully-automated, the protection of the vehicle’s augmented “attack surface” will become a top priority for carmakers and regulators because holisticsafety, security and privacy are incremental features for consumer acceptance of these new automotive technologies.

They are also paramount for the viability of OEMs’ investment and critical for the transition towards more autonomous and eventually self-driving cars. Additionally, as V2V and V2I communications expand, another segment in the Automotive Cyber Security market will be unveiled, one that also needs to be addressed now.

Therefore, we expect that the competitive landscape will alter significantly from its current status through M&A, the formation of new partnerships, and new investments. Consequently, new business models and opportunities will arise.

This report provides a roadmap of adoption for Cyber Security solutions and delivers an insight into the evolution of the market landscape, drawing conclusions from a panel of industry experts and our in-house expertise.

  • Unlock the potential of the Automotive Cyber Security market by reading about investment, M&A, partnerships in the marketplace
  • Discover the drivers of growth over the next decade
  • Read our penetration forecast of Hardware, Software-based solutions and Services
  • Identify the leading suppliers of software and hardware equipment
  • Understand the competitive landscape by reading our exclusive interviews
  • A-Z: software, hardware-based solutions and service portfolio from leading companies

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