HPS Extends Line of Communication Products

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Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. recently announced the release of the first phase of a new line of ADSS (All Dielectric Self Support) connectors and communications accessories. These products include ADSS suspension clamps, ADSS formed wire deadends and spiral vibration dampers.

“We are very happy with these additions to our product family. We are excited about emerging as a leader in the communications market as the industry urges the Hubbell brand to increase their product breadth across the board,” said Dirk Byerman, Business Unit Manager.

Hubbell Power Systems continues to develop and manufacture dynamic products needed for the ever-changing communications market with their premier brands including Opti-Loop®, Fargo®, Anderson®, and Chance®.

HPS is a division of Hubbell, Inc., an international manufacturer of quality electrical and electronic products for a broad range of non-residential and residential construction, industrial and utility applications. HPS manufacturers a wide variety of transmission, distribution, substation, OEM and telecommunications products used by power utilities. In addition, HPS products are used in the civil construction, transportation, gas and water industries. Products include construction and switching products, tools, insulators, arresters, pole line hardware, cable accessories, test equipment, transformer bushings and polymer precast enclosures and equipment pads.