Personalized Medicine Market to Surpass $60 Billion by 2019 According to KellySciPub Research

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Cutting-edge new research by KellySciPub indicates that the core personalized medicine market will be worth over $60 billion by 2019.

This market is made up of companion diagnostics and targeted therapeutics and is currently worth $42 billion. This market is dominated by oncology, cardiovascular and infectious disease treatment and diagnostics.

The report ‘Personalized Medicine, Targeted Therapeutics and Companion Diagnostic Market: Strategic Analysis of Industry Trends, Technologies, Participants, and Environment’ has already been procured by 17 of the top 25 Pharma companies globally. In this newly published edition, it is a revolutionary insight into the vertical growing market of personalized healthcare globally.

Individualized, targeted or personalized medicine aims to increase the efficacy of therapeutics via genetic testing and companion diagnostics. Personalized therapeutics and associated companion diagnostics will be more specific and effective thereby giving pharma/biotech companies a significant advantage to recuperate R&D costs. Personalized medicine will reduce the frequency of adverse drug reactions and therefore have a dramatic impact on health economics. Developmental and diagnostic companies will benefit from lower discovery and commercialization costs and more specific market subtypes.

This new report gives a comprehensive account of the market size, segmentation, key players, SWOT analysis, influential technologies, and business and economic environments. The report is supported by over 317 tables and figures over 279 pages. The personalized medicine (global and USA) market is presented as follows:

  • By Geography (US, UK, EU)
  • By Segment (Targeted therapeutics, Companion Diagnostics,
  • By Sub-market (Companion diagnostic, targeted cancer therapeutic, medical technology, pharmacogenomics, consumer genomics, molecular diagnostics)
  • By Therapy (Cancer, Cardiovascular, Infectious Disease)

A wealth of financial data & business strategy information is provided including:

  • Company Financials, Sales & Revenue Figures
  • Business Model Strategies for Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies
  • Business Model Strategies for Providers. Provider Systems and Academic Medical Centres
  • Business Model Strategies for Payers & Governments
  • Private and Public Funding and Personalized Medicine Reimbursement
  • Revisions to Current Payment Systems and Intellectual Property
  • How to Gain Market Penetration in the EU
  • Cost-effectiveness and Business Value of Personalized Medicine
  • Consumer genomics and POC market
  • Therapeutics and Companion Diagnostics (e.g., BRAC Analysis, Oncotype Dx , KRAS Mutations)
  • Comprehensive Account of Company Product Portfolios & Kits

SWOTEconomic & Regulatory Environment specifics include:

  • Key Strengths, Weaknesses and Threats Influencing Leading Player Position within the Market
  • Technologies Driving the Market (e.g., New-Generation Sequencing Technologies, Ultra-High Throughput Sequencing)
  • Top Fastest Growing Market Segments and Emerging Opportunities
  • Top Pharmaceutical Companies within the IPM by Market Share and Revenue
  • Comprehensive Product Portfolios, R&D Activity and Pipeline Therapeutics
  • M&A Activity and Future Strategies of Top Personalized Medicine Pharmacos
  • Personalized Medicine Regulation (UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy)
  • CE-Marked Personalized Medicine/Diagnostic Tests
  • FDA Advances in Personalized Medicine Regulation

This report highlights a number of significant players and influential company’s and gives details of their operations, products, financials and business strategy.

  • 23andMe
  • Affymetrix
  • Astex Pharmaceuticals
  • Atossa Genetics
  • CuraGen
  • Celera Corporation (Quest Diagnostics)
  • Celldex Therapeutics
  • deCode Genetics (Amgen)
  • Illumina
  • Genelex
  • Myriad
  • Nodality
  • Qiagen
  • Admera Health (GeneWiz)
  • Claritas Genomics

KellySciPub is a global market analysis company, based in Dublin, Ireland. Headed by Deirdre Kelly, PhD, the organization offers specific market reports that encompass health care niche areas including immunotherapy, cancer biomarkers, transdermal drug delivery, targeted drug delivery, biosimilars and the emerging pharma markets in China and India. All analyses include detailed cutting edge information designed for top tier professionals within the pharma, biotech and healthcare arena. Major clients include Fortune 500 companies, Universities, Government and healthcare organisations. KellySciPub consults with all clients post sale and provides indispensable advice to ensure customer feedback is unparalleled.