Worldbox expands Hong Kong office for Asian operations

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[PRESSWIRE] Hong Kong – 15.06.15 — Worldbox Business Intelligence has expanded its Hong Kong bureau to serve as a hub for Asia-Pac co-ordination, as well as offering corporate solution services as an extension of its company information product line.

The Swiss-based firm, specialising in international cross-border business information, has expanded its Hong Kong office to become the regional headquarters for the Asia Pacific region.


“It was an organic expansion for us that will strengthen our interest in Asia and complement our existing presence in Europe”

Founder and President of Worldbox, Adrian Ashurst

Founder and President of Worldbox, Adrian Ashurst, said Hong Kong is naturally the gateway where the Western market meets Asia…

“Worldbox, over the years, has built a strong relationship with Hong Kong and it was an organic expansion for us that will strengthen our interest in Asia and complement our existing presence in Europe.”

He added: “With many European companies interested in developing partnerships in Asia, our Company Corporate Services team – with over two decades of experience – are ideally placed to answer any questions.”

Hong Kong’s protective intellectual property legislation and free flow of information also contributed to the firm’s decision to set up there.

For nearly two decades, Hong Kong has been ranked as the ‘World’s Freest Economy’ by the Wall Street Journal and Heritage Foundation, acting as a magnet to thousands of domestic and international businesses who have been flocking there to serve the Asian continent as a whole.

Last year, Hong Kong’s Companies Register recorded a total of 12,188 public companies and 1,167,043 private companies there: numbers which continue to grow, year-on-year. There is also a booming Small-to-Medium Enterprise sector on the island, with 314,000 recorded as operational there in 2013.

Worldbox’s Hong Kong operations will be able to cater to both international corporations arriving in Asia to capitalise on growing consumerism or Asian SMEs looking to partner with Western businesses who wish to bring their products to the domestic marketplace.

The Business Intelligence specialists Worldbox aim to be the regional leader in providing up-to-date, reliable and independently-vetted business information to enable buyers, sellers, partners and takeover targets to make profitable decisions.

Worldbox provides online access to detailed data on a range of essential business areas, including: validation and verification of company registrations and accounts, corporate and financial records and credit risk reports.

The respected information content research and advisory service Outsell shortlisted Worldbox as an ‘Emerging Disruptor’ in its annual Financial, Credit, Legal and Governance, Risk & Compliance Report 2014, noting: ‘Worldbox is a credit information and BI provider that is growing aggressively in brand equity. Its company reports were originally designated for the Lichtenstein and Swiss markets, but the company has since grown to become the largest provider of cross-border information, locally, with frequently updated company reports on the emerging markets.’