Fast, feature-packed and accessible events app, Festyvent launches today

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Clarifi Media’s latest venture Festyvent ( launches today an exciting new events app that offers organisers a fun, feature-packed and innovative new platform to communicate with and engage their audience.

Offers organisers an affordable, effective and customisable direct line to their audience


A dedicated – and full-service – companion app for event attendees, Festyvent offers a unique outreach platform for events organisers, venue owners and promoters, giving users content they WANT to see. With Festyvent event organisers benefit by being able to engage and measure audiences before, during and after their events as well as provide space and triggered promotions for sponsors to increase the value of their investment.

Allowing a unique level of event discovery for users, Festyvent features engaging social opportunities, with a bespoke photo booth, themed postcards and sharing options across Festyvent’s integration partners, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and Instagram, as well as Soundcloud track tagging options post-event – all of which are tagged at source with the organiser’s own social handles.

Pre-event, Festyvent users can interact with their chosen events, and learn more about the lineups and artists, including set times, music biographies, videos and photos. Festyvent works with users’ smartphone calendars, syncing set times so users never miss their favourite artists, and can receive real-time information updates and special offers on-site.


Smart maps ensures the organiser’s Festyvent audience knows every area they want to attend on-site, and can find their friends if they get lost with the Find Me function. The majority of Festyvent features even work offline, meaning that the audience never have to be concerned about finding a signal on a busy festival site.

Organisers can engage with their audience via video social media, push notifications and iBeacon communications, meaning the user can stay completely up-to-date with fast-moving event information. The native Festyvent iOS and Android app has an impressive list of USPs, an app-as-a-service that allows them to appeal to new audiences, and speak directly to their existing fans. Offering tiered, organiser-customisable options at an affordable level, Festyvent doesn’t scrimp on features – even for the most inexpensive package.

Festyvent is a fast, efficient way for event organisers and promoters to engage with their audiences. The Surfer option offers an immediate launch from sign-up to live, and the Custom DIY and Custom Pro offer a two-week turnaround. And with a simple CMS at the back-end, it’s an easy choice. The innovative Festyvent CMS includes:

– Theme and social media manager to ensure the audience is fully engaged across social media
– A map maker so the organiser can build a to-scale map of the event site
– A performer and performance manager and lineup builder
– Notification centre and Beacon manager

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With no artificial limits set on number of end users, or number of push messages, all of the Festyvent packages are bursting with features and opportunities for the event organiser to reach out to their audience.

Festyvent provides full, detailed analytics pre-, during and post-event. Post-event, Festyvent will soon have heat maps allowing analysis of traffic and hotspots – an invaluable asset in planning for future events. iBeacons allow for organisers and sponsors to access their audience in real-time, allowing for broad outreach for special offers, updates and event information changes.

With opportunities for event sponsors to engage, and space for artwork, icons, splash screens, photobooth and postcard themes and integration partners including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram, Eventbrite, Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, Google Play and more, the various options offered by Festyvent make the most of any event.

The Surfer is aimed at organisers with a limited budget or very little time and is the cheapest; priced £200+VAT, as well as the Festyvent builder CMS, it features:

– Social Media Login
– Timeline
– Lineup Explorer
– Performer Explorer
– Interactive venue map and find me
– My Festyvent
– Photo Booth
– Simple sponsor placement


– Audience size
– Push notifications
– iBeacons


– Surfer promoted event
– Festyvent will load the data
– iBeacon hire
– iBeacon installation

Organisers can choose the Custom DIY package for £980+VAT to benefit from a range of Festyvent features, including all the features from the Surfer option, plus:

– Insight and Analytics
– App Previewer
– Social Media integration
– App Terms of Use & Privacy Policy


– App artwork design
– Festyvent will load the data
– iBeacon hire
– iBeacon installation

The Festyvent £4,250 +VAT Custom Pro package offers additional features, including all the features from the Custom DIY option, plus:

– Exclusive Sponsor area
– No mobile Ads from Festyvent
– Project management
– Setup and Content loading


– App artwork design
– iBeacon hire
– iBeacon installation

Early adopters of the Festyvent platform and app include some of the UK’s most impressive independent events, including Hideout Festival, Wild Life Festival, Southampton Soundclash, Lost Village, YMS Youth Marketing Agency, YMS New York, Nordicana, Hijacked Festival, Towersey Festival and AFO Conference (Association of Festival Organisers).

Festyvent’s founders are Clarifi Media’s David Jacobs, Simon Williamson, Mark Findlater and Hijacked Festival promoter Harry Horsfall.

Festyvent is available now on iOS, and Android. To see what Festyvent can offer, see or download the Festyvent app at:


Festyvent founder, and Clarifi Media CEO, David Jacobs and marketing and sales executive Harry Horsfall are available for interview or comment in relation to the Festyvent app-as-a-service for event organisers, or the companion app for attendees, and can discuss any existing Festyvent partnerships and the future growth of Festyvent.

Festyvent Twitter:
Festyvent Facebook:

Festyvent ( launches on May 21 2015.

Festyvent helps organisers to create amazing looking companion apps for festivals and events. Organisers benefit by being able to engage and measure audiences before, during and after their events as well as provide space and triggered promotions for sponsors to increase the value of their investment.

As soon as they load the app, the audience is engaged as they access the timeline, which is a combined event stream of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They are also able to look at every performer’s biographies, hear their music and watch their videos.

The lineup allows the audience to plan their day and mark the performances they are going to, which then sets a reminder in their calendar so they never miss a thing. Organisers can see in advance the performances that are the most popular and use social media to nudge audiences towards seeing the undiscovered artists.

Organisers have multiple ways to communicate with their audiences before, during and after the event. Social media activities will appear in the timeline, push notifications can be sent to the whole event or to the audience attending a specific performance, and promotions from sponsors can be triggered using iBeacons.

The photo booth and postcard sharing feature increases social media engagement during and after the event as the audience share their experiences directly from the app, which automatically embeds links back to the organiser’s online presence. Users’ friends who view postcards on Facebook get to relive the moment or see and hear what they missed with embedded Soundcloud tracks.

After the event, organisers are provided with analytics that show audience interest in each performance, engagement with sponsor info and promotions and posts to social media.