In Search of Taste Magazine: A cultural retrospective from the world of food and wine

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In Search of Taste is the new, quarterly food and wine publication for the culturally conscious. Sumptuously produced, free of advertising and compiled by a host of distinguished contributors, each a scholar in their chosen field, In Search of Taste delivers to its global readership a compendium of stunningly illustrated features surpassed only by its effervescent writing style.

Download Feature Sample: A Slice of Bread
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The subscription-based periodical comes with an equally vibrant website, blog and on-line newsletter. Issue One, out on April 24th sees a kaleidoscopic selection of features including the UK’s poster boy of mixology, Tony Conigliaro, an interview with Fergus Henderson at St John’s Bread & Wine, exclusive graphics from installation artist Ron Haseledn, and a critique of Georgian wine by leading American wine-writer and author Alice Feiring.

Contributors from around the world form an impressive who’s who of food writers, critics and commentators including, among many,Lindsey BarehamJill Norman and Nicholas Tresilian – brought together in the most erudite fashion by Commissioning Editor, Penny Averill; herself an eminent food and travel writer.

In Search of Taste also champions the work of selected up-and-coming artists, illustrators and photographers – all combining to bring readers a visually stunning publication. Each issue will include a highly-collectable postcard featuring examples of their work.

The aim of In Search of Taste ? To provoke, to stimulate, to tantalise; to delight the reader with facts, both historical and thoroughly modern, of how food and wine is really produced, how it is grown, consumed and why it assumes such cultural importance in villages, cities and nations across the world. From the humble loaf to the finest delicacy, here, finally, is a magazine that delves deep into the of world gastronomy – a magazine that melds the science with the art.

Thought provoking and, above all, educative, In Search of Taste is fundamentally unlike the banal, confusing ‘recipe-fest’ seen in the food-glossies at the supermarket check-out.

From the outset, Keith Reeves, Editor-in-Chief, writer, wine expert and entrepreneur, was unwavering in his desire to produce a food and wine title with cultural credentials at its core, “In Search of Taste is not, repeat not, a glossy monthly for the dinner party enthusiast,” he asserts, “however adventurous he or she might be.

“No, here is an artistically rendered compilation of creative journalism for those wishing to immerse themselves in the history, the traditions, the geography, the fundamental principles of the food on their plates, and the wine in their glasses,” he says.

“Each issue will become a collector’s item, every page lovingly crafted to envelope the reader with a sense of quality. The magazine, while it may grace any coffee table, is much more than that,” he continues, “In Search of Taste is a point of reference for both the student and the art-lover, the curious and the bon viveur. This magazine engages its readers; imparting knowledge while stirring emotions.”

“The roots of In Search of Taste can be found embedded in my kitchen garden,” he remarks, “at the same time inspirational and back-breaking!”

Speaking of the journalistic talent behind the new venture, Reeves added, “We are incredibly fortunate to have Penny Averill at the helm. Fished from a vast sea of food and wine writers, Penny’s contacts are enviable, and I blush in awe at the many renowned individuals with whom she is on first name terms. Her experience is key to the high quality content, and indeed to the very integrity of the magazine.”

With editorial flair evident throughout, and stunning imagery adorning its pages, In Search of Taste is the definitive resource for the discerning individual seeking intellectual sustenance from the world of food and wine.

Published quarterly: First Issue, Spring ’15 (out 24th April)
Printed by: Park Communications
Subscription (inc p&p): one-off issue £16. Four issues £56. Eight issues £97. 12 issues £135